Fenugreek Leaves: What Is The Health Benefits Of Kasuri Methi? And How To Make Kasuri Methi, Here Are Five Methi Based Recipes


Although fenugreek leaves are special for winter, you can enjoy them throughout the year. How, you ask? All you have to do is take some dried fenugreek leaves and include them in the dish of your choice. Mostly it is famous in the form of Kasuri Methi, which you will easily find in a spice rack in every Indian kitchen.

Fenugreek is considered beneficial for health

Health Benefits of Kasuri Methi:

In addition, fresh and dried fenugreek leaves are known for its many health benefits. These antioxidants, proteins, iron, Calcium Are dubbed to be a good source of digestion, etc. Bones Is considered beneficial for the health and overall health of the person.

How to make Kasuri Methi:

Kasuri methi will be easily available at every grocery store throughout the year. But you can also make it at home, without adding any color, test and flavor. Take a look here.

1. Buy a bunch of fenugreek leaves and clean. Prune fresh leaves and discard the rotten leaves.

2. Dry them (fresh leaves).

3. Spread the leaves on a plate and let them dry in the sun until the moisture dries. You can also keep the leaves in the microwave for 3-4 minutes.

4. Store in an airtight jar in a cool and dry place and use them whenever you need them.


Fenugreek has antioxidant properties.

How to include Kasuri Methi in your diet, learn these 5 ways here:

1. Dal Dal Tadka:

Take a bowl full of lentils. Mixing ghee, kasoori methi, cumin, asafetida, etc., can be tempered. Apart from this, you can put casserole fenugreek in the last place instead of coriander leaves.

2. Fenugreek Chicken and Fenugreek Paneer:

Fenugreek, a popular dish in Indian cuisine Chicken Dish. All you have to do is add some dried fenugreek leaves in the gravy, it will make it more delicious in no time. And those who refrain from eating chicken, they can mix it in juicy, soft cheese pieces.


Fenugreek leaves are special for winter

3. Garnishing:

If you like the strong test of Kasuri Methi, you can mix it in any dish that you want. All you need to do is crash some leaves between the palms and sprinkle them in the dish. You can fry it for a smokey test.

4. Fenugreek Bread, Paratha:

Fenugreek Paratha It is a popular winter dish. Whom we all like to eat. Now, you can make fenugreek bread, paratha or naan throughout the year by adding some kasuri methi to the dough while kneading the dough.



Fun dish of fenugreek:

You can make it by mixing lip-smacking mathri and pakoras. The inclusion of Kasuri fenugreek adds a rich flavor and aroma to these savory items.


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