Female inspector, along with constable, sub inspector, recovered 26 lakh rupees from four people | Female inspector, along with constable, sub inspector, recovered 26 lakh rupees from four people

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  • Female Inspector, Along With Constable, Sub Inspector, Recovered 26 Lakh Rupees From Four People

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Ahmedabad2 minutes ago

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A gang of sub-inspectors, constables and two young women used to search for victims on social media.

The police is trying to improve its image, on the other hand, an incident embarrassing the police department has come to light. If the police, whose head is the responsibility of the safety of the common people, meets with the criminals, then who will provide justice to the people? Ahmedabad Crime Branch, while taking major action in the case of Hannitrep, arrested the then woman inspector Geeta Pathan.

It is alleged that Geeta Pathan used to help the Honeytrak gang. Inspector Geeta Pathan, who was dutiful at the Ahmedabad Mahila Police station, and her gang girls used to take people to the hotel after trapping people on social media. After this, the police work started.

After this, settlement was taken to the police station. Of the four officially filed complaints, the police and its gang recovered 26 lakh rupees from the people. Geeta Pathan is still posted at Patan police station and escaped as soon as the complaint was filed.

Elderly people were made to have sexual relations and filed complaints about rape

A young girl used to complain about changing the name

The game of Honeytrap begins at the Women’s Police Station, as the police support the accused. It also ends in the police station itself. Young women used to trap middle-aged people in their web on social media. After this, she met and made physical relations and then used to recover lakhs of rupees by complaining of rape in the police station. The entire case has come to light after a young woman’s name was changed to a separate complaint.

Previously a businessman complained about honeytrap
A businessman had lodged a complaint with Honeytrap at the crime branch long ago. Jitendra alias Jeetu Modi, Bipin Parmar, Unnati alias Radhika Rajput and Janhvi alias Genal Padhiar were arrested by the Crime Branch. Inspector Geeta Pathan’s name has surfaced in the interrogation of the accused. Geeta Pathan teamed up with the gang to recover money from the businessman. The Crime Branch is investigating the complaints of rape registered in the last one year in the former Women’s Police Station. Of this, Honeytrap has been revealed in four complaints.

ACB caught Geeta taking bribe

The ACB arrested Geeta Pathan in Rajkot, taking bribes and carrying out red handed hands. There are many complaints against Geeta Pathan. Geeta Pathan belongs to the 2009 PSI batch. Geeta had a love marriage with a police employee posted in the MT department.

Geeta Pathan was transferred
Geeta Pathan was transferred to Patan amid allegations of Honeytrap. Geeta escaped as soon as Honeytrap complained. It also has a woman named Amarben absconding. The woman was the bridge between Inspector Geeta and the Honeytrap Gang.

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