Fear of vaccine in Mumbai, Muslim leaders wrote to the BMC, says Vaccination centers built in mosque – fear of vaccine in Mumbai, Muslim leaders wrote to BMC, saying – Dargah – built in mosques …


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Shiraz Ahmad says that we have heard all kinds of things about the vaccine, when this fear and fear will come out, then with the family, we will all get inshallah. At the same time, Nauman Khatib says that many have heard that the vaccine has shown bad effects on some people, a friend also told that some of his known couple had taken the vaccine and died. So there is a bit of confusion in my mind, what happens to my family if something happens to me?

At the same time, a letter has been sent by the Muslim leaders to the Collector, BMC, demanding that vaccination centers be started in places like Mumbai’s Mahim-Haji Ali Dargah, Matunga Mosque, so that they can be vaccinated by building trust in the people.

Suhail Khandwani, managing trustee of Mahim-Haji Ali Dargah, said that it is time to pay back to the society. There is no definite treatment for this disease, there is one thing in front of us and that is the vaccine, which can keep us safe for some time, we are a registered body, we also have doctors on our panel and have studied it, this safe is. People should get out of the misconception and shield themselves from the vaccine.

Here, the tribal-dominated Bawanagudkhedi village in Nanded district of Maharashtra has not told TK. Malkubai Todsa, a resident of here, says that we are afraid, we say that the fever comes, people die, WhatsApp comes, we see on TV, we are nervous. Despite the persuasion of the Gram Panchayat member, a team of government doctors, trust in vaccines has not been built.

Village Panchayat member Devendra Tobe said that there are illiterate people, fearing that they fall ill after a vaccine and die in two to four days, the man becomes impotent, it is feared that the doctor’s team had arrived He said that write to us that if anything happens, your responsibility. According to Dr. Saroja Aadhi, “We are trying again and again, trying to convince them, telling them that the other villages near them have been installed, they have not suffered, We are telling them this but they are not ready to accept it. ”

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By the way, there is a lot of difference between the picture before this wave and the present picture at the vaccine centers, the confidence is increasing and there is a need to increase.

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