Fatwa over love jihad, calling jihad to cheat girl is an insult to Islam – Fatwa over love jihad, calling jihad to cheat girl insults Islam



Amid the debate over ‘love jihad’, Ala Hazrat, the biggest dargah of Sunni Muslims, has given a fatwa that there is no such thing as love jihad in Islam …. cheating a girl is not related to Islam. In Muslim marriage, the rule is that the boy will go to his house to ask for the girl’s hand and in the marriage, first the girl will be asked whether she accepts this nikah or not. And will be asked not once but thrice. In such a situation, cheating and marrying have nothing to do with Islam.

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Bareilly Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat Barelvi is the biggest icon of Muslim Sunni Muslims. Its academics are all over the world. Darul Ifta, who belongs to the dargah, has given a fatwa on the ‘Love Jihad’ controversy, according to which, “There is nothing in Islam called Love Jihad. ‘Love Jihad’ is being used for marriage with lax deception. While Jihad Prophet’s teaching is a religious process. To call a girl a jihad is an insult to Islam. ”

The fatwa seeker, Intezar Ahmed Qadri said, “In the Islamic Shari’a books, there was no Istelah named ‘Love Jihad’ before and there is today. And the way in which Love Jihad is being presented to the world today, then Islam denies this. Islam is not in its favor. Forcing a girl to accept Islam is not allowed by Islam. “

Prophet of Islam in Arabia, Mohammed Sahib, greatly improved the way of marriage, in which girls were given importance and protection. As a result, Muslims do not go to the boy’s house with the girl’s daughter’s relation in the marriage. Boys come to his house to ask for the girl’s hand. In Nikah, the girl is asked first of her choice, the boy is later. The girl is asked three times her will. So that there is no confusion. It is also necessary to have two witnesses while taking the girl’s consent. The girl and two witnesses are signed on the petition. In marriage, the boy gives the girl a favor.

Intezar Ahmed said, “Islam does not allow forcibly cheating, deceit, deceit, makkaris and Iyari in marriage with a girl, even marrying. So when a Muslim girl cannot marry without permission So how can a non-Muslim girl? “

Muslim ulema say that there are two types of Jihad, one is Jihad-al-Asghar i.e. small jihad in which to fight against the attacker and protect the Majloom. And the second jihad-al-akbar, that is, the great jihad in which one has to become a noble person by combating the evil inside him. There is no coercion of the girl in this.

Muslim religion guru Khalid Rashid says. “Rather, it has been said very strictly in the religion that there is no force of any kind in this. So if some people are related to any religion, then if they do, then it is obvious that this is the fault of the society, the religion Or it is not appropriate to target any community for this. “


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