Father was praying in the morning, the cat ate silently and kept the whole pancake in the side – see funny video – Father was praying in the morning, the cat ate silently.


Father was praying in the morning, the cat silently ate Sarah kept Pancake beside

Now the cat not only steals milk, but now they have also found new things for themselves, such as Pancake. Resident cats of Canterbury Cathedral in Britain have become social media stars due to their fun activities. Cathedrals have been broadcasting online prayers since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic last year and have not had any contact with social normality and twice before cathedral cats have gone viral to disrupt prayer services in courtesy prayers.

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This time, a pet cat named Tiger is seen stealing pancakes from a plate of Dean Robert Willis during a morning prayer. Last year, this theft has come to light after Tiger was filmed taking a sip of milk from Dean’s glass.

In a funny clip shared on Instagram, Tiger Cat was seen eyeing a plate of pancakes kept close to Dean.

While sharing the clip on Instagram last week, Canterbury Cathedral wrote, “There is no longer any content with a sip of milk, during this morning’s prayer the mischievous tiger set his eyes on Dean Robert’s pancakes.”


Since being posted on the sharing platform, photos and videos have received thousands of likes and views so far. Also, people are making fun comments. One user wrote in the comment, “Made my morning.”

In July last year, Tiger was seen stealing milk during an online prayer service. Earlier, one of his companions – a cat named Leo – made Dean upset by disappearing under his rob during a sermon in a video that went viral on social media.


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