Fast track court of Varanasi orders archaeological survey of gyanvapi masjid | Archaeological survey got approval from local court in Kashi’s Gyanvapi mosque case, mosque committee said- We will go to High Court


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  • Fast Track Court of Varanasi Orders Archaeological Survey of Gyanvapi Masjid

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Varanasi2 minutes ago

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Archaeological survey has been approved in the Gyanvapi mosque case of Kashi. The government will bear the expenses of the survey. The judgment has been given by Ashutosh Tiwari, the judge of the Varanasi First Track Court. He has also ordered the formation of a commission to conduct the survey. Earlier, during the hearing on April 2, the decision was reserved after debate on both sides.

A petition was filed on behalf of Harihar Pandey demanding the survey. After the court order, Harihar Pandey, while talking to NewsBust India, said that this decision would clear the way for the removal of the Gyanvapi mosque from the Vishwanath temple complex. He said that this is a historic decision. For which we have fought a long battle.

At the same time, Syed Yasin, associated with the mosque’s Intezamia Committee, told NewsBust India that he would challenge the verdict in the High Court. He said that the committee will not allow anyone to enter the mosque to conduct the survey. Harihar Pandey, reacting to Yasin’s statement, says that the Archaeological Department will come with security personnel, stopping them is just outside the mosque committee. Now the survey will also be done and the truth will also be revealed.

The Gyanvapi Mosque was built in Varanasi on the orders of the Mughal emperor Orangzeb by demolishing the historic temple. The Hindu community considers it to be its historical site. At the same time, Muslims consider it as their holy place. In 1991, the central government passed a law to keep disputes related to all religious places in the ‘status quo’. The Babri Masjid dispute in Ayodhya was excluded from the purview of this law.

Under this law, the dharmasthala which existed before 1947 will remain in the same condition. Anjuman Intejamia Masjid Varanasi says that the Gyanvapi mosque is also protected under this law. Any tampering of this mosque will be a violation of the law of the Central Government.

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