Farmers protests matter raised in supreme court petition filed to remove farmers from delhi borders


Farmers’ Protests: Farmers are performing at many entry points going to Delhi.

new Delhi:

Farmers’ Protests: The case of the peasant movement has reached the Supreme Court (Petition against Farmers’ Protest). A petition has been filed in the apex court, demanding the removal of farmers frozen on the borders of Delhi. A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court demanding immediate removal of farmers from the border areas of Delhi-NCR.

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The petition states that this demonstration poses a threat to the spread of COVID-19. At the same time, people are also having trouble in coming and going. It has been said in the petition that the authorities should be ordered to open the border immediately. Also, the performance should be shifted to a certain place with social distance and masks etc.

The petition said that the protesters have stopped necessary emergency medical services in Delhi to stop COVID-19. Giving the example of the apex court verdict on the CAA’s protest in a petition filed by Delhi resident Rishabh Sharma, it said that public places cannot be occupied by protesters and there should be a specific place to sit.

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The petition states that ‘Though the police offered Burari, the farmers are still protesting against the boundaries. Millions of people are in danger from farmers protesting on the Delhi border because the virus is very contagious and if it coincidentally takes the form of a coronovirus disease community spread, it will wreak havoc in the country.

Explain that for the last nine days, farmers of many states including Punjab, Haryana have been stuck on the borders of different states of Delhi. The movement started under the name of Delhi Chalo against the agricultural laws of the center has now become a nationwide movement. The number of farmers and protesters gathered here is increasing, and their support is also increasing.

Video: Delhi in trouble with farmer movement



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