Farmers Protest: Priyanka gandhi addresseses Kisan Panchayat in muzaffarnagar, slams PM Modi – Muzaffarnagar Kisan Panchayat: Priyanka Gandhi’s target, said- Our Prime Minister also became egotistical king


Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra targeted the government by showing solidarity with the farmers who were protesting against the farm laws of the Center. Addressing the Kisan Panchayat held in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka said that for 90 days, lakhs of farmers have been sitting outside Delhi. Taking a dig at the Center, he alleged that the farmers were tortured, they were called traitors. The Prime Minister made fun of the farmers.

Priyanka said, “It is my duty to come here in Muzaffarnagar. Every leader should realize that the public does a favor. Millions of farmers have been sitting outside Delhi for 90 days. 215 farmers were martyred, electricity and water lines were cut “The border of the capital has been made the border of the country. The farmer has been tortured, abused. The farmer has been called a traitor. The Prime Minister called him an agitator in Parliament. The Prime Minister made fun of the farmers.”

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He accused the government of supporting the capitalists. Priyanka Vadra said that her capitalist friends are earning thousands of crores. Gradually government mandis will be closed. With the opening of private mandis, the capitalists will do whatever they want. You do not have a hearing under this law. You cannot go to court, you have to go to SDM. You can’t fight It is written in the new laws.

Congress General Secretary said that the whole world is watching, not the whole country. In the old stories, there used to be egoistic king, our Prime Minister has also become egoistic king. The soldier who is posted on the border security of this country is the son of that farmer. They should be respected. He (PM Modi) tell that this law was made by asking the farmer.

Priyanka, referring to her father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, said in the Kisan Panchayat that if you had fought then my father Rajiv Gandhi had accepted your words. My father honored you. I am also a Khudar, I will not cheat. I did not come to show my face for politics. I will keep coming again and again. We will fight with you. You don’t back down This government will have to back down.


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