Farmers Protest: Police use tear gas shells to disperse protesting farmers at Singhu border – Agricultural law: tear gas shells, border seals on farmers traveling to Delhi; 10 big things


Police fired tear gas shells on agitating farmers

new Delhi:
Farmers Protets against the agricultural laws of the Center (Farmers Protets) continue even today. A large number of farmers are trying to come to Delhi. However, the police on the Punjab-Haryana border have been tightly guarded. Farmers camped here overnight and are raising slogans since Friday morning. Meanwhile, police used tear gas shells this morning to disperse the farmers who had gathered at the Singhu border. A group of farmers from Punjab who are protesting have reached Bahadurgarh.

Important information related to the case:

  1. The police again fired tear gas shells on farmers traveling in Delhi on Friday morning. Tear gas was used to disperse the protesting farmers gathered at the Singhu border.

  2. Thousands of farmers have traveled to Delhi under protest marches. They have brought together a large number of such materials on tractors, which can be used for a long time if needed. The intention is clear that if his’ Delhi Chalo “protest goes on against the farmers law, it can be ‘managed’ if it goes on long.

  3. A situation of confrontation has arisen between the Haryana Police and the farmers. To stop the farmers, barricades have been put on the roads and bridges. Police fired teargas shells at the farmers in addition to the cold water splashes.

  4. The two farmers’ organizations claim that “by this evening, more than 50,000 farmers will be standing on the Delhi border.”

  5. Haryana Director General of Police Manoj Yadav said on Thursday that the Haryana Police treated Punjab farmers with “great restraint” to ensure law and order, which broke several blockers during their “Delhi Chalo” march.


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