Farmers Protest: Kisan Andolan Delhi Burari LIVE Update | Haryana Punjab Farmers Delhi Chalo March Latest News | The farmer is not ready to withdraw from the highway; Amit Shah-Rajnath held a meeting late at Nadda’s house

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The photo is of the Singhu border of Delhi-Haryana. Day and night farmers are passing through the streets.

Today is the 5th day of the farmers’ agitation against the Centre’s agricultural bills. Demonstration of farmers continues on the borders of Delhi. Farmers’ organizations met on Sunday. After this, he refused to go to Burari. On the other hand, the government is busy building its strategy. Home Minister Amit Shah, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar held a meeting on Sunday night at the home of BJP President JP Nadda.

Farmers have said that Burari will not go and will sit on 5 entry points for the siege of Delhi. Farmer leader Baldev Singh Sirsa said – We have so much ration that even if we have to sit on the road for 4 months, we will sit. Protesters on the Ghaziabad border scramble with the police. However, later the farmers here also sang bhajans.

Mini Punjab settled on the highway
Due to the farmers’ movement, the view of the highway has become like mini Punjab. Trolleys have been built by farmers. It is here that food is being prepared, here is a provision for bathing and washing clothes. There are anchors everywhere. The protesters are sitting on the dharna. The cooks are cooking. All have different responsibilities.

Shah said – farmers’ movement is not inspired by politics
Amit Shah said in Hyderabad on Sunday that I never said that this movement is inspired by politics and I am not saying now. He said that everyone has a different perspective on everything in democracy.

3 announcements of farmer organizations
1. Burari Open Jail, will not go there: Farmer leader Baldev Singh Sirsa said- The government had laid down the condition that we vacate the highway and go to Burari. The condition is outrageous. We will not go to Burari Maidan because it is an open prison. We also have proof of this. The farmers, headed by Tejinder Singh Virk of Uttarakhand, wanted to go to Jantar Mantar in Delhi. The Delhi administration and police cheated on him. He was not taken to Jantar Mantar and imprisoned in Burari Park.

2. Delhi to encircle Delhi with five entry points, preparing for a long battle
Sirsa said- We will jam the highway coming from Sonipat, seventy-two strongholds of Rohtak, Jaipur to Delhi highway, Mathura-Agra to Delhi highway, Ghaziabad instead of going to the open jail and lay siege to Delhi. Will picket at 5 entry points. We have kept the tractor-trolley as a home to live in. We have come after long preparations.

3. No political party will give speech from our platform
The farmers said that we have formed a committee. It will conduct a sit-in demonstration at all five points. No political party is allowed to speak on stage. People of Congress, AAP or any political party will not speak as speakers on our stage. Apart from these, other organizations which will follow the rules of the Steering Committee will be allowed to speak.

Burari will call his colleagues back
Along with this, the farmers also said that they would call back their colleagues in Burari. A group of farmers are already camping in Burari. Earlier, Home Minister Amit Shah had said that farmers should gather at Burari Maidan. After this they will be talked. Farmers’ organizations have already said that they have come to encircle Delhi, not to surround Delhi.

Government again proposed to negotiate
Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla called 32 farmer unions from Punjab to Burari in Delhi for talks. He informed that as soon as the farmers will shift to Burari, the next day the government is ready for discussion between the farmers’ delegation and the ministers at Vigyan Bhawan. Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Saturday that the government is ready to hold talks with farmers even before December 3.


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