Farmers Protest: Extremely disappointed at how govt handled farm laws issue: 5 Big Supreme Court Quotes


Supreme Court asked- are you holding the law or not? If not, we’ll do it (file photo)

new Delhi:
The Supreme Court has reacted sharply today to the deadlock between farmers and the government over the new agricultural laws. Annadata of the country has been standing on the border of Delhi for more than 45 days in protest of agricultural laws. Eight rounds of negotiations have been held to end the deadlock, but no result has been reached on the issue of agricultural laws. Farmers sitting on dharna on the border of Delhi have warned to intensify the movement by taking out a farmers parade in the national capital and other parts of the country on Republic Day. After the protests started in late November, many farmers have lost their lives so far. The protesting farmers are not willing to accept less than the repeal of agricultural laws.

Important information related to the case:

  1. Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde said that we are not saying that you cancel the law. We are hearing very absurd things whether the court should interfere or not. Our aim is to find a solution to the problem. We asked you why don’t you put the law on hold? He said that we do not understand whether you are part of the problem or the solution? The Supreme Court bluntly asked the government whether you are holding the law or not? If not, we will do it.

  2. Expressing displeasure, the Chief Justice said to the Center, “We are very disappointed with you. You said that we are talking. What are you talking about? What kind of negotiation you are having. It will not help the government to say that the other The government started it. What talks are you talking about. We are not on the merit of the law. We are not on the withdrawal of the law. It is a very delicate situation. “

  3. The CJI said that you should tell us why you cannot stop enforcing the law, if you do not, we will. He said that the situation is getting worse everyday, farmers are committing suicide, farmers have also included the elderly and women in the movement.

  4. Chief Justice of India Bobde said that we want to make it clear that we are not against the demonstration. The protest may continue, but the question is whether the protest should be held at this place? We think that one day something can happen in a peaceful demonstration by looking at the way in which the movements (dhol nagara etc.) are taking place on the demonstration. We do not want anyone injured. He said that the court cannot order any citizen that you should not perform, yes it can definitely say that you should not perform at this place.

  5. The Supreme Court said that it should be ensured that there is no violence or blood bath in the demonstration. CJI said that if anything inadvertently goes wrong then everyone will be responsible for it. At any moment, a small spark can provoke violence.


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