Farm Laws: INLD MLA Abhay Chautala says]he will resign if farm laws are not repealed by January 26 – Haryana’s MLA challenge, withdraw black agriculture law by January 26


Abhay Singh Chautala is MLA from Ellenabad seat in Haryana (File photo)

Special things

  • Abhay Singh Chautala is the only MLA from INLD
  • Letter written to the Speaker of the Assembly on this issue
  • Said, if the agricultural laws are not returned by January 26, then accept the letter only


Abhay Singh Chautala, the only legislator from the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) in the Haryana Legislative Assembly, has demanded the withdrawal of agricultural laws from the central government. He said on Monday that if the Central Government does not withdraw the disputed agricultural laws by 26 January, then he will resign from the post of MLA. Chautala, an MLA from Ellenabad in Haryana, alleged in a letter to Speaker Gian Chand Gupta that “black laws have been imposed on farmers in an undemocratic manner.” If the agricultural laws are not withdrawn till January 26, then his letter should be considered his resignation as an MLA from the House.


Also read

Abhay Singh Chautala said that farmers of the whole country are opposing these laws. Chautala wrote in the letter that due to the harsh winter, more than 60 farmers have given ‘martyrdom’ but the Center has not paid any attention to their demands. The INLD leader said that as a responsible member of the House in the circumstances that the government has created, he is not able to play any role to protect the rights of farmers.

Significantly, Omprakash Chautala’s grandson Dushyant Chautala is the Deputy Chief Minister in the BJP government of Haryana. With the help of JJP of Dushyant, the way of forming BJP government in Haryana was clear. Dushyant Chautala also said last month that he would step down if he failed to give a guarantee to farmers on the Minimum Support Price (MSP). It is important to note that farmers across the country are agitating against the three agricultural laws brought by the central government.


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