False Pride In Marriage Was Very Expensive, The Groom Had To Save His Life By Jumping From The Bagghi


When the elephant became uncontrollable during the procession, the groom had to jump from the wagon and run away.

special things

  • It was time to go to the lock-up of the groom’s father.
  • There was chaos in the procession and the people who came to the wedding.
  • The chaotic element had lost the burning incense stick to the elephant.


Showing elegance in marriage and breaking the protocol of the Corona era can also be very heavy. An example of this was seen in Prayagraj. At a wedding in Prayagraj, the groom had to save his life by jumping from the wagon after a firecracker-fired elephant created a ruckus and the groom’s father had to go to lock-up. At a wedding in Prayagraj district of UP, the elephant, who was walking ahead with great pride, became uncontrollable by the loud sound of firecrackers. As soon as the elephant, who came to enhance the pride in the procession, became uncontrollable, there was chaos all around. The elephant, raging with firecrackers, vented its anger by breaking the wedding pandal and the vehicles parked there.

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In fact, on Friday night, Dev Anand’s procession came out with great fanfare from Narayanpur in Tharwai police station of Prayagraj district. When the procession reached Malwa village of Sarai Inayat, in the meantime, the elephant was enraged by the sound of firecrackers being released in the procession and became uncontrollable. Suddenly the angry elephant started creating a ruckus, first the elephant broke the wedding pandal.

The mahout was trying to control the elephant when the uncontrollable elephant moved towards the groom’s wagon. Seeing him, the bridegroom and Shehbala, who were sitting in the wagon, jumped from the wagon and ran to save their lives. The wagonman separated the horse from the wagon and ran. Meanwhile, the uncontrollable elephant turned towards the vehicles of the people who attended the wedding. On seeing the angry elephant damaged many vehicles.

It can be seen in the video of this incident that the elephant was so angry that it overturned a big car parked there twice with its trunk. There was chaos in the procession and the people who came to the wedding, terrified by the angry elephant. People started running. Then some people spread the news of the death of the mahout.

Meanwhile, people informed the police to control the elephant. Police and forest department teams from several police stations also reached the spot. Then the elephant calmed down. The police has denied the news of Mahout’s death.


According to the police, it has been found in the investigation that some chaotic element had thrown a burning incense stick to the elephant, due to which the elephant became uncontrollable. Taking action in this incident, the police of Prayagraj’s police station Sarai Inayat has registered an FIR against the owner of the elephant and its mahout, along with the groom’s father Rajesh Babu, for causing damage to personal property and under sections of the Epidemic Act.


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