False claims of burning hands due to excessive use of sanitizer on social media | WHO said – no reports of alcoholic sanitizer burning hands


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Jun 29, 2020, 03:27 PM IST

What viral: A gruesome photo of a burnt hand. It is being claimed that this condition of the palm is due to overuse of the sanitizer.

Messages related to this claim on social media


Fact check investigation

  • Even after doing reverse image search on Google and Yandex, we did not find similar or found this photo on internet. After this we started investigating the claim with which the photo is going viral.
  • No such guidelines have been released by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of AYUSH, or ICMR, the country's top research body. In which excessive use of sanitizer has been described as a risk of burning hands.
  • On the World Health Organization (WHO) website, we started searching for information related to the disadvantages of hand sanitizer. There is a question and answer section on the WHO website. Here the answers to those common questions are given by the expert team, which are being asked during the Corona period. There are also questions and answers to the pitfalls of using a hand sanitizer. It is from these answers that the truth of the claim that is going viral becomes known.

3 questions related to hand damage to sanitizer and WHO answers

First question: Will excessive use of alcohol-containing hand sanitizer have any adverse effect on the hands?

Answer – This may be possible in antiseptic and antibiotics. However, there has been no such report associated with hand sanitizer. Nor is it possible. Rather, the more it is used, the lower the risk of viruses and bacteria.

Second question: Does alkahl dry or irritate hands?

Answer – Alcoholic sanitizers made in this phase contain skin softening ingredients. These elements protect the skin from getting dry. Even several reports have revealed that nurses who regularly use alcohol-containing sanitizers have reduced skin dryness compared to earlier. The hand sanitizer will cause jealousy only if your hand is injured. In such a situation, the injured part should be covered with a belt. The cases of energy from sanitizer are also very rare in the world.

Third question: How often can an alcoholic hand sanitizer be used?

There is no such limit. It is just an illusion that hands should be washed every 4 hours after excessive use of sanitizer. There is no logical reasonYes.

Read this question and answers given on the WHO website here

Conclusion: Excessive use of alcohol-containing sanitizers is misleading. The world's top health institution WHO has denied this.


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