Fact Check: Muslim candidates in UPSC getting more than 3 years relaxation in age limit? This claim was thrown out in the investigation | Are Muslim candidates getting 3 years more relaxation in the age limit in UPSC exam? This claim was thrown out in the investigation

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  • Fact Check: Muslim Candidates In UPSC Getting More Than 3 Years Relaxation In Age Limit? This Claim Was Thrown Out In The Investigation

42 minutes ago

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What is going viral : One on social media Message Is going viral. It is claimed that in the IAS exam conducted by UPSC, Muslim candidates get many additional discounts compared to Hindu candidates.

It is claimed that the age limit of Hindu candidates in the examination is 32 years. At the same time, it is 35 years for Muslim candidates. Muslim candidates get 9 chances in UPSC. Whereas Hindu candidate got only 6 chances. Opportunity means a fixed limit, as many times as a candidate can appear in the UPSC examination. This is commonly called Attempts. A screenshot of the program of Sudarshan News is also going viral with the message. this program Youtube Also available In the same way, there are many more.

And what is the truth?

  • We started the investigation with the claim regarding age limit. For this, we have done official of UPSC 2020 Notification Checked. The notification gives detailed information about the age limit and age relaxation.
  • According to the notification, candidates aged 21 to 32 can apply for the UPSC IAS exam. Talking of relaxation in age limit, SC / ST candidates get 5 years, OBC category candidates get 3 years. Candidates who are already commissioned in the field of defense are given a relaxation of 3 or 5 years according to different rules. Nowhere in the notification is there any mention of relaxation in age limit for Muslim candidates.
  • In the next phase of the investigation, we examined the claims of higher chance of getting Muslim candidates at UPSC. We also got the answer in the notification.
  • According to the notification, there are 6 chances for the general category candidates. At the same time, OBC candidates get 9 chances. There is no limit to the attempts for SC / ST candidates. In the notification, no exemption has been given for Muslim candidates on separate occasions. As claimed in the viral message.
  • The most obvious is that the claim of getting additional exemption in UPSC examination to Muslim candidates being done on social media is concocted. Muslim students get as many opportunities in the exam as students from any other community.



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