Fact Check: Bihar government minister shares photos of Hyderabad flyover to show development of Muzaffarpur | The Bihar government’s minister described the flyover as a development of Muzaffarpur for the BJP’s election campaign, Hyderabad came out in the investigation

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  • Fact Check: Bihar Government Minister Shares Photos Of Hyderabad Flyover To Show Development Of Muzaffarpur

17 minutes ago

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What is going viral: An election advertisement of BJP released for Bihar assembly elections is being shared on social media. Suresh Kumar Sharma, minister in Bihar government, advertised his official Twitter handle And Facebook Shared from page.

There is also a picture of PM Modi in the advertisement. Also, a flaring flyover equipped with streetlights is visible. Written below The roads of Muzaffarpur are shining

And what is the truth?

  • Reverse search of Google getting viral photos of IT Ministry of Telangana Facebook We found the same photo on the page as well. On the ministry’s Facebook page, this photo has been described as the RHS flyover at Bairamalguda Junction.
  • That is, two different states claim the construction of a flyover on social media. To check the veracity of this claim, we searched media reports that could confirm where the flyover was located.
  • Indian Express website news The news of the inauguration of the flyover at Bairamalguda Junction is reported. There is also a photo of the flyover. However, here is the drone photo of the flyover. We matched the photo shared by the Bihar government minister and the Indian Express photo.
  • The surface and boundary size of the flyover are exactly the same in both photographs. Also, the gap between streetlights is also equal.
  • A tweet was made on August 9 by KT Rama Rao, a minister in the Telangana government. The tweet has four pictures of the RHS flyover taken from different angles. There is also a picture, which is being told of Muzaffarpur in Bihar.
  • Google Earth These satellite images also confirm that the flyover photo, which is being described as Bihar, is actually in Hyderabad.

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