Facebook does not profit from hate speech, saya its India MD – Facebook does not benefit from hate speech, company chief in India clarifies


Facebook has faced criticism for its policies in the Hate Speech case.

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"Facebook does not benefit from hate speech." India's head of the company said this on Wednesday. Facebook India managing director Ajit Mohan denied the allegations that the Silicon Valley firm had failed to take action in the matter that was going on for its business interests. Significantly, in the case of users, India is the largest market of this US-based company and its messaging service WhatsApp, but in the case of Hate Speech.Facebook regarding its policies Has faced criticism all over the world.

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It is worth noting that Facebook recently got embroiled in a big controversy in India when the American newspaper 'The Wall Street Journal' said in its report on Facebook that the company, a politician from the ruling BJP (BJP) Failed to remove objectionable comments against a particular community. According to the report, the company did this to preserve its business interests in India.

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Ajit Mohan (Managing Director (MD) of Facebook India) times of India Talked to, "This is not good for the people, not even for the people of this social platform. There is no area that benefits from hate speech." He also said that the company was trying its best to keep all kinds of evil away from its platform. Ajit Mohan's comment came a day after he failed to appear before the Delhi investigation panel. The panel is investigating allegations that Facebook willfully ignored the matter of hate speech from its platform. The company also had to appear before the parliamentary committee for its alleged political bias.

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