Exclusive: Satellite images Hint at Renewed China Threat in Doklam, construction near Zompelri ridge – Exclusive: Revealed from satellite image – China also built 9KM long road in Doklam along with village settlement


Pangra village, located 2.5 km from Bhutan border in Doklam, where clear evidence of construction activity was found on 8 December 2019.

new Delhi:

NewsBust has analyzed the high resolution satellite imagery, which has evidence of Chinese construction in the border region of Bhutan adjoining India. Analysis of satellite imagery clearly shows that China has Doklam Plateau Not only has the village settled within 2 kilometers of Bhutanese territory on the eastern side of the country, but China has also built a 9-kilometer-long road reaching the Indian border region.

It is understood that this road may provide an alternative route for the Chinese Army to reach the Zompelri ridge, which was stopped by the Indian Army in 2017 after a clash with the Chinese Army in Doklam. Then
Chinese construction workers had tried to extend their existing track near the Indian Army outpost at Doka La to reach Jampleri Ridge, but Indian troops foiled its plans and crossed the border, preventing Chinese bulldozers from advancing. . This area lies between the border of Sikkim and Doklam.

Three years later, Chinese construction workers now working on different axes have constructed a new road along the Torsa River, which extends southward along the border between China and Bhutan. This is 10 km from the point of Doklam standoff between India and China in the year 2017. This stalemate had lasted for more than two months and its reversal occurred when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Wuhan in April 2018. Then both the leaders agreed to reduce the tension in Doklam.

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Dr. Brahma Chellani, a strategic affairs expert, says, “Chinese troops may have left the site of 2017 dead untouched, located in a corner of Doklam, but China has gradually moved to the rest of Doklam’s status quo. Things have changed. They have built permanent constructions like building and road in Doklam. They have even built a village on the plateau which did not exist three years ago. “

Clear evidence of the construction of a Chinese road and village on the eastern periphery of the Doklam plateau came to light on Thursday when Chinese state-sponsored media CGTN senior producer Shen Shiwi showed a series of pictures of villages along the banks of a river. He tweeted, “Now, we have people living in the newly established Pangra village permanently. It is in a valley located 35 kilometers south of Yadong country. There is also a map to show the location here.

China settles village 9 km from Doklam standoff site

Satellite imagery designed for commercial use by the American technology company ‘Maxer’ has revealed that these construction activities have taken place in the Doklam area this year, along with extensive road-building / construction activity in the Torsa River Valley region, as well as Doklam. The area has been identified as “new military storage bunkers to be built in China”.


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Satellite imagery of the US company does not coincide with the statement of Major General Wotsop Namgyal, the ambassador of Bhutan to India on 19 November, in which the Bhutanese official assured that no Chinese village had been settled in the border region of Bhutan. Satellite imagery has captured the activities of 8 December 2019, which clearly shows the construction work.


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