EXCLUSIVE! Candy Spelling ‘Frequently’ Provides Financial Assistance For Tori & Dean McDermott After They Claim She Doesn’t Pay For ‘Anything’!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s story doesn’t seem to add up — much like their reported finances!

As you may know, the couple has been personally responding to our reporting on the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum’s tax woes. While Tori failed to set the record state as to whether or not she denied actually being on the state of California’s list of biggest tax delinquents, she scolded us on Instagram for not making “informed comments regarding someone’s situation.”

Moreover, Dean chimed in to lash back at the idea that his wife’s mom Candy Spelling pays for their children’s school — or anything else for that matter. He wrote:

“Candy Spelling doesn’t pay for ANYTHING!! Get your f**king facts right!!!!!!!”

Tori Spelling has tax problems, but it's not always what you think, according to Dean McDermott, part three!/ (c) Perez Hilton/Instagram

Well, now it appears Dean is the one not making informed comments regarding someone’s (read: his own) situation — at least not according to our sources!

Weeks after Dean denied that his mother-in-law had paid for his children’s schooling, a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Candy does, in fact, foot the educational bill for her grandkids!

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Our insider said:

“Candy has always paid the educational expenses of her grandchildren from day one.”

The source went on to say that the author and wife of Aaron Spelling “has also set up trust funds to pay for her grandchildren’s college tuition,” adding:

“She has done a great deal for Tori and Dean and the kids over years and frequently provides financial assistance.”

Inneresting… and the exact opposite of what Dean publicly claimed to us!

The father-of-six also blamed an “old business manager” for getting the family “in this mess,” writing on our IG post about their latest financial troubles:

“Hey Perez. Why do you have to report on it?? I thought we were friends. Now every hater in the world is going to come out of the wood work and make nasty comets [sic]. People don’t know the whole story and how our old business manager got us in this mess. My daughter is in tears because she read this along with some other nasty comments. Just because it’s public, do you really have to rehash it and bring it up? This is just negative. WTF man??!!”

Tori Spelling has tax problems, but it's not always what you think, according to Dean McDermott, part two!/ (c) Perez Hilton/Instagram

Hey, man… we’re just reporting the news over here.

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