Exam is not a question of life and death, Modi gives mantra for stress free and pressure free examination


PM Modi responded to questions related to initiation on behalf of children across the country

new Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday interacted with students across the country regarding the upcoming exams. During the program of ‘Pareeksha Par Charcha’, he told Budhwar that the exam is not the last destination in the life of the students, but it is only a small stop. Therefore, parents or teachers should not put any kind of pressure on children. The pressure has the opposite effect on children, rather than better performance in the exam.

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While communicating with students, teachers and parents through digital medium, PM Modi said that if the outside pressure on the children decreases then they will never feel the pressure of the exam. M. Pallavi of Andhra Pradesh and Arpan Pandey of Malaysia, Prime Minister Asked the solution to eliminate the fear of examination, in response to which he said this. The Prime Minister said that you are not afraid of examination. An atmosphere has been created around you that the exam is everything. This is life, and in this environment, students start thinking too much.

The Prime Minister said, I think this is the biggest mistake, there is no last destination in exam life. Life is very long and there are many obstacles in it. The exam is a short pause. Urging parents, teachers and relatives not to put undue pressure on the students, they said that if the outside pressure is over, the students will not feel the pressure of the exam. Prime Minister Modi said that it is not that the exam is the last opportunity. Rather, it is a perfect opportunity to tighten yourself up to live a long life in a way. Trouble occurs when we take the exam as the end of life’s dreams and make life a question of death. ”

Examination is an opportunity to enhance life. Parents should give stress-free life to their children. Parents spend time with the children and try to know the real potential and interest of the children. But today some parents are so busy that they are unable to give time to the children. They have to see the result of examinations to find out the ability of the child. Therefore, the assessment of children has also become limited on the result of the examination.


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