Everyone is extinguishing what you are saying… Man, son, do not look at your father’s mistake, but ask the account of your grandfather, who is this, brother? Bihar Election 2020; Arrah Locals Political Debate on Nitish Kumar, Tejashwi Yadav in Jagdishpur Vidhan Sabha Constituency | Everyone is extinguishing what you are saying … Man, son, do not look at your father’s mistake, but ask the account of your grandfather, who is this, brother?

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  • Everyone Is Extinguishing What You Are Saying… Man, Son, Do Not Look At Your Father’s Mistake, But Ask The Account Of Your Grandfather, Who Is This, Brother? Bihar Election 2020; Arrah Locals Political Debate on Nitish Kumar, Tejashwi Yadav in Jagdishpur Vidhan Sabha Constituency

Jagdishpur12 minutes agoAuthor: Vikas Kumar

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‘Kul Logan ki hamni dekh lehni… Nitish ji’s Hianwa (in Bihar) and Modi ji’s Uhwan (in Delhi). Now look at Tebaswio for a turn….

The 50-60 year old Mahashi, wearing a dhoti to the knee and wearing a kurta, who has been sweating for the past several days, created a sudden stir in the middle of the market, saying this very political comment. The market is Hardiya Chowk in Jagdishpur Assembly constituency of Ara district.

There are many paan shops on the square. One or two shops are also showing samosa-litti ones. It is midday and the sun is very strong, so many people are sitting in the shade of old people. It was here that a sit-in comment came, which started a fierce political debate.

After eating the betel leaf from the side shop, applying light lime with the tongue on the tongue, a middle-aged man replied, ‘Kahe na? Have you seen? Raura ta eighteen years old Have not seen Lalu ji’s fifteen years, now or Iyad Nikhe Hoi! ‘

This reply given in sarcastic tone has warmed the atmosphere of the Chowk. Many people standing around have become closer to the old people. The early commenting gentleman said, ‘A babua. Do not agar. Everyone is extinguishing what you are saying. Why did not he see 15 years and only fifteen years before that? Assuming son, do not see your father’s mistake, but ask the grandfather for the account. Who is it?

Veer Kunwar Singh, the soldier and hero of the first Indian freedom struggle of 1857, was from this Jagdishpur. Because of this Jagdishpur is recognized in the country and the world. It is discussed a lot, but Jagdishpur is just an assembly seat in this election environment. Ram Vishnu Singh Lohia of Rashtriya Janata Dal is an MLA from here and has gone to the field to seek hat-trick of victory.

Bhagwan Singh, who joined the LJP from JDU, is contesting the election, beating Kushwaha Tal. JDU is contesting here on behalf of NDA and the party has fielded Sushmalata Kushwaha, the head of Adarsh ​​Panchayat Danwa. Do you know the most important thing about this election procession happening in the middle of the afternoon? That is that no local candidate is yet to find a place in this debate. The debate is not just descending below the level of state and nation.

‘Okay. Total accounts sought. Remember what Tejashwi Yadav’s background is? The public will have to remember that time. The sarcastic gentleman is trying to get himself out of the debate by saying so.

However, once the awakening of the electoral debate in Bihar stands, it is not easy to topple it. Something similar is happening here. A twenty-twenty-year-old young man standing next to him said, ‘Sagaro this is happening. Check the background of the opposition. Question them only. Ask for answers from them only. Those in power. Who ruled Bihar for the last fifteen years. There is no question from those whose government is both state and central. He has no background check. What brother?

Nobody expected these questions asked by the young man there. Looks like the debate has come to a complete end with this question. Now nobody has an argument. Nobody will say anything now. All calm. all quiet.

Meanwhile, a gentleman wearing sunglasses and wearing a white kurta-pajama comes from Scooty. Looks local with a sense of humor. As soon as they arrive, Paan speaks to the boy sitting in the shop, ‘Ye babu, Ektho paan khiwaa. It’s very hot. ‘ As long as the pan is being prepared, they join the debate with a different point. They say, ‘This time the atmosphere is very tight. There is fight everywhere. Three snare (triangular) elections have taken place. Nothing is extinguishing. ‘

The early commenting uncle makes a mouth on this. Slamming his sticks on the ground, he says, ‘Don’t look, this time Lalu’s eyes are out and Modi ji should live! Don’t know why you are not looking, but everything is clean like water.

The young man standing next to his uncle asks with an eye, “Who should forget Modi Modi?” Chotka ki badaka? ‘

Chacha says, ‘The thing is no better than Modi. There would be milk and rice for little. ‘


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