Even in the Corona period, Peepal Baba planted more than 1 lakh plants – Even in the Corona period, ‘Peepal Baba’ planted more than 1 lakh plants


Record of tree plantation even during the Corona crisis (symbolic picture)

new Delhi:

The corona crisis is being seen all over the world. There is a decline on every front from the economy. Millions of people have lost their lives in this crisis. People are facing employment crisis. But in the midst of all this, there are some people who are looking at life in a different way, living it to the fullest. We are going to tell you about a person who people know by the name of ‘People Baba’. Yes, don’t be surprised. People call Peepal Baba by the name of ‘Peepal Baba’ because they roost and plant.

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Let us tell you, Peepal Baba has been planting saplings for 43 years. Surprisingly, in 2020, on one side people were caught in lockdown and battling the corona epidemic and its effects, in which Peepal Baba was making a record of planting trees. You would be surprised to know that Peepal Baba has planted more than one lakh saplings during the Corona period. However, in the “Plant Plantation Campaign”, he fully followed the corona rules. He roamed around the country and followed masks, gloves and social distance.

Significantly, during the Corona period, Peepal Baba’s team made the National Capital Region their work place. This year, Peepal Baba’s team where 8340 trees in Delhi connected to the NCR, 33,400 in Noida, 28,600 in Greater Noida, 4,200 trees in Ghaziabad. Planted 30,280 trees in Lucknow, 3820 trees in Uttarakhand, 3140 trees in Haryana (on Sohna-Bahadurgarh road).


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