Even if someone wants, nobody in the NDA will go from here – CM Nitish Kumar told Lalu Yadav – Even if someone wants a million, nobody in the NDA will go from here – CM Nitish Kumar told Lalu Yadav



In Bihar, the leader of the NDA and the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has clearly told the Rashtriya Janata Dal supremo Lalu Yadav that even if someone wants lakhs, no one will go from here in Bihar. After finishing the session of Bihar Legislature on Friday, Nitish Kumar said about Tejashwi Yadav, especially on his allegations, that people do not know what our character is. This kind of talk is after all, who is an adviser, it is totally incomprehensible.

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Nitish also suggested to Tejashwi Yadav that if you want to move forward then at least one should learn behavior, there is no point in saying this way properly, to say something about someone in this way. Nitish said that you tell, you are the only people who know that everyone should not discuss his words, it is absolutely disrespectful, should not talk about this method and work according to the tradition of the House.

When he was asked about the complaint about Lalu Yadav at the monitoring station of BJP MLA Lalan Paswan, Nitish said that some people can write about it from their side and talk about action. We are making no sense whatsoever we want

Regarding the allegations against Tejashwi Yadav, Nitish said that in 2015, we formed a government with us, after that, the name came up in the case. Please give a clear answer. Wherever we discuss something, we go to say something.

On the temptation being given to the MLAs by Lalu Yadav, Nitish said that everything is coming up. Then he said that look here, no one will want lakhs from here in NDA. Whoever has the majority and what is the majority, the majority is 122, the NDA has more support than 125, sit separately, you should not give much weight to everything.

You should say what you want to work properly, whatever rules are to be taken, action will be taken, but calling in this way will make you a minister, what are these practices? Now this is the decision of the people, the public is the boss and the work we got, we also work, we will increase the work further and work is unnecessary, I do not think that they should behave in this way, they will not be benefited. More seats are reduced, many times more votes are less seats, it does not make sense, whatever the government has become, now should be given a chance.


During his election campaign about children in Lalu Yadav’s family, Nitish Kumar clarified that what will happen, brother, we are joking, we have been talking about the fertility rate, in which we have some thing in jokes Said, did not say about anyone, people think about themselves. Let me speak about my mind, but the dignity inside the house should be followed.


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