Europe bans entry of Pakistan International Airlines over dubious pilot license


European Union has banned its PIA flights for 6 months (symbolic photo)


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been banned from the European Union (EU) for six months. This step has been taken after the information about the license of one-third of the pilots of this international carrier was forged or suspected. Officials gave this information on Tuesday. PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan told AFP that the European Union's Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) told PIA that "it is still not sure whether the remaining pilots are also properly qualified to fly, and they have given the airlines their confidence Lost it."

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In a statement, EASA said that it has suspended PIA and a small private Pakistan airline. Significantly, a recent investigation in the Pakistani parliament has revealed that a large part of the pilot license issued in Pakistan is invalid. "PIA has flown limited international flights for only a few months as a result of the corona virus Domestic flights were resumed in the country last month due to a pilot's fault that killed 98 people. PIA recently resumed bookings for five European capitals cities including Paris, Milan and Barcelona Khan said that flights to Britain have not been affected under this decision. Britain is no longer in the European Union.

The European Union's Aviation Safety Agency said that Pakistan's national airline would not be allowed to fly in Europe for at least 6 months. After this announcement, the PIA announced on Tuesday that it would stop its operations in Europe. The agency said that the ban on PIA operations will be effective from July 1. However, the PIA can appeal against it. In a statement, the PIA said that passengers who have booked their tickets for European regions have the option of withdrawing the entire money or extending the date of the tickets.

He said that the PIA administration was in contact with the European Union's Aviation Safety Agency to address their concerns. The decision comes after Pakistan Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan's statement that nearly a third of Pakistani pilots had passed their pilot examination fraudulently. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) spokesman Abdullah Hafeez said that the corona virus epidemic The PIA is not flying to Europe, but the airline was expected to resume flights to Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona and Milan within the next two months. (Input from language also)

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