Euro Cup 2020 : Spain vs Sweden LIVE match live updates EURO CUP live news upates goals | Preview Stats Head to Head update | 0-0 at half-time, Sweden’s Isaac missed his best goal; Spain’s Olmo also missed the goal

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Seville2 minutes ago

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Spain’s Alvaro Morata (center) during the match.

In the Euro Cup, the teams of Spain and Sweden are facing each other in Group E match. The match is being played at the La Cartuja Stadium in Seville. The score of both the teams till half time is 0-0. Many goals were missed by both the teams. Sweden’s Isaac missed his best goal in the 41st minute. At the same time, Spain’s Olmo’s attempt on the 45th minute was stopped by Swedish goalkeeper Olsson.

Spain scored 9 goals in the first half. Out of this, 3 were on target. At the same time, Sweden made 3 attempts. Out of this, 1 was on target. In the first half, Spain’s team had 84% and Sweden had 16% ball possession.

Olmo (right) takes a brilliant header on Koke's cross.  But Swedish goalkeeper Olsson blocked the shot.

Olmo (right) takes a brilliant header on Koke’s cross. But Swedish goalkeeper Olsson blocked the shot.

Spain’s team has won the Euro Cup title 3 times. At the same time, Sweden has not won any title so far. Out of the last 5 matches between the two, the Spanish team won 3 matches. Whereas, Sweden won 1 match. 1 match ended in a draw. Sweden has lost 6 of its last 8 Euro Cup matches. Team could win only 1 match and 1 match ended in draw.

Fourth match between Spain and Sweden
This is the fourth encounter between Spain and Sweden in the major tournament. Sweden has won 1 and Spain 2 out of the last 3 matches. Sweden won the 1950 World Cup 3–1. At the same time, Spain won the match 1–0 in the 1978 World Cup and 2–1 in the 2008 Euro Cup.

Sweden has been able to win only one clean sheet in the last 12 matches against Spain, ie without scoring a goal. This victory came in October 2006. Sweden then defeated Spain 2-0. It is also Sweden’s last win against Spain.

Spain’s 11th Euro Cup Tournament
This is Spain’s 11th Euro Cup tournament. At the same time, this is Sweden’s 7th Euro Cup tournament. The Swedish team took part in this tournament as a host for the first time in 1992. During this the team reached the semi-finals. This is the best performance of the team so far. The team has qualified for all Euro Cups except 1996.

Spain reached the knockout 5 times out of the last 6
Spain has managed to reach the knockout rounds in 5 of the last 6 Euro Cup tournaments. The team’s worst performance was in 2004, when it was eliminated from the group stage. The Spanish team has lost just 2 of their last 16 Euro Cup matches. During this, the team won 11 matches and 3 matches were drawn. The team had both these defeats in 2016 at the hands of Croatia and Italy.

Swedish team out of the group stage for 3 times
Spain has won just 1 match in the last 5 opening matches in the Major tournament. This victory came against the Czech Republic in the 2016 Euro Cup. Spain beat Czech 1-0. At the same time, Sweden’s team has failed to move above the group stage in the last 3 Euro Cups. The team last reached the knockout rounds in 2004. In 2004, the Swedish team was knocked out by the Netherlands in a penalty shoot-out.

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