Euro Cup 2020: Portugal Captain Cristiano Ronaldo 6 records in title defense | Portugal vs Hungary | Portuguese captain can make 6 records including most goals in Euro Cup, will become the first player to play 5 seasons as soon as he hits the field today

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  • Euro Cup 2020: Portugal Captain Cristiano Ronaldo 6 Records In Title Defense | Portugal Vs Hungary

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Considered one of the best footballers of the present time, Cristiano Ronaldo can break and make many records in the Euro Cup this time. The Portugal captain has a chance to become the highest goalscorer in the tournament. At the same time, Ronaldo will become the footballer playing the most Euro Cup tournaments as soon as he hits the field against Hungary. Portugal will take the field as the defending champions this year. We are telling you about those 6 records which Ronaldo can break in this tournament.

1. Record for most Euro Cup play
Ronaldo is one of the 17 players who have played this tournament 4 times. This includes big players like Lothar Mathhaus and Peter Schmichael. However, he will become the first player to play this tournament 5 times as soon as he takes the field against Hungary. In 2016, there were 11 players who were participating in the tournament for the fourth time. But out of these, Ronaldo is the only player who is playing the Euro Cup this year as well. Of the remaining 10, some have retired and some are not due to injury.

2. Record for most goals scored in Euro Cup
Ronaldo made his debut for Portugal in the 2004 Euro Cup. He also scored his debut goal in the same tournament. Since then he has scored 9 goals in 21 matches in 4 Euro Cups. Apart from him, former French player Michel Platini also has 9 goals. After scoring one goal, Ronaldo will become the highest goal scorer of this tournament. He can achieve this record in the match against Hungary.

3. Record for playing most matches
Ronaldo has played a total of 56 matches, including the Euro Cup main tournament and qualifiers. By playing 3 more matches, he will become the player with the most matches of the tournament. In this case, Gianluigi Buffon of Italy is ahead of him with 58 matches.

However, excluding the qualifiers, Ronaldo has played 21 matches, which is the most matches played by any player in the main tournament. If the 36-year-old Ronaldo and his team manage to defend the title, then Ronaldo would have played a total of 63 matches in this tournament.

4. Record for most goals scored in a match
So far 7 footballers have scored hat-tricks in the Euro Cup, although Ronaldo is not in this list. Ronaldo has scored a total of 9 hat-tricks in his international career, but he has not been able to do so in the Euro Cup. In such a situation, Ronaldo would also like to add this record to his list. If Ronaldo manages to score 6 goals in this tournament, he will also become the highest international goalscorer.

Ronaldo currently has 104 international goals to his name. Former Iranian footballer Ali Dei is at the forefront of this matter. He scored 109 goals in his career. Ronaldo scored his 104th goal in the recent international friendly match against Israel.

5. Oldest player to score in the final
Ronaldo is currently 36 years 126 days old. If he scores a goal in the Euro Cup group stage or knock-out stage, he will become the third oldest player to do so. The oldest player to score in the tournament is Austria’s Ivisa Vastich.

He scored on a penalty stroke at the age of 38 years 257 days against Poland in the 2008 Euro Cup. At the same time, Goran Pandav of North Macedonia scored against Austria on Sunday. He scored the goal at the age of 37 years 321 days and became the second oldest player.

If Ronaldo’s team reaches the final and Ronaldo scores a goal in the final, he will become the oldest player to do so. Bernd Holgenbein of West Germany is the oldest player to score in the final of the Euro Cup. He scored in the final of the 1976 Euro Cup at the age of 30 years and 103 days. By the final, Ronaldo will be 36 years and 156 days old.

6. Second captain to win the title twice
If Portugal manages to defend the title, Ronaldo will make another record. He will be the second captain to win the title twice and twice in a row. Former Spain footballer and captain Iker Casillas held this record by winning the title in 2008 and 2012. If the Portugal team wins the title, it will become the second team after Spain to win 2 consecutive Euro Cup titles.

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