EURO CUP 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo upset over Coca-Cola bottles removes it during press-conference | Portugal vs Hungary match | During the press conference, the Portuguese captain raised the bottle in anger and put it down, shouting – Make a habit of drinking water

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  • EURO CUP 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo Upset Over Coca Cola Bottles Removes It During Press conference | Portugal Vs Hungary Match

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Cristiano Ronaldo removing a Coca-Cola bottle during a press conference.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Euro Cup defending champion Portugal team, was upset after seeing a cold drink in the press conference. He expressed displeasure over this. Ronaldo shouted angrily and said – no cold drink, we should make a habit of drinking water. In fact, 36-year-old Ronaldo stays away from any kind of cold drinks and aerated drinks to stay fit.

Coca-Cola Official Sponsor of UEFA Euro Cup
Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the UEFA Euro Cup being played in 11 countries. The company had decided to put the bottle as a display in all the press conferences to increase the brand value. When Ronaldo and Portugal coach Fernando Santos arrived for the press conference before the match against Hungary, two bottles of Coca-Cola were lying on the table there. Ronaldo, who is known for his disciplined diet, got angry seeing the bottle and immediately removed it from there.

Ronaldo is very aware of his diet
Ronaldo did not stop there. Showing a bottle of water to the media, he said – drink water. Ronaldo is very conscious about his diet. His diet routine is also quite special. He stays away from any type of aerated drinks to stay fit. He himself has mentioned it many times. Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and many athletes follow Ronaldo in terms of fitness.

Cristiano Ronaldo eats 6 meals a day
Last year, ESPN had given a report about Ronaldo’s diet. According to this, Ronaldo eats 6 meals a day and takes 90-90 minutes of sleep 5 times. They eat curd along with meat and cheese for breakfast. During the day, he takes a snack with avocado toast when he is hungry. They take lunch twice and dinner twice to gain more energy. This is the reason that even at the age of 36, he looks more fit than any other footballer and scores goals.

Portugal are placed in Group of Death
The Portugal team has been placed in Group-F ie Group of Death this year. Germany, France and Hungary are in the group along with Portugal. France is the FIFA World Cup champion. At the same time, Germany is a 3-time Euro champion. Portugal defeated France in the final of the 2016 Euro Cup and became the champion of Europe for the first time.

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