Emphasis should be given on help more than organizing during the festive season: Dr Harsh Vardhan – Coronavirus: On the question of removing restrictions on the festival, Dr Harsh Vardhan said, Kerala paid the price

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Dr. Harsh Vardhan recently shared his thoughts about the surge in the cases of Kovid-19 in Kerala. He said that only 499 cases of Kovid-19 were detected from Kerala between January 30 and May 3 and there were 2 deaths. He regretted that Kerala has been suffering the price of gross negligence during the recent Onam festival, when the state was introducing interstate travel for activities such as trade and tourism during the unlocked period. Covid-19 cases increased in different districts of the state. The picture about Kerala’s Kovid-19 has changed completely and the daily affairs have doubled. The Union Minister said that all those states should take a lesson from this, who are negligent in issuing guidelines for the festive season.

China’s claim that the Novel Corona virus had spread to several countries simultaneously in the past year, but Dr. Harsh Vardhan stated, “There is no evidence to prove the validity of the claim that the Novel Corona virus has spread to the world.” Had happened in many countries. ” He said that although Wuhan of China is still believed to report the first case of corona in the world.

In response to a question of China-made oximeter being flooded with Indian markets, Dr. Harsh Vardhan stated, “Consumers look at FDA / CE approved products and ISO / IEC specifications with them when purchasing pulse oximeter from the market or from online vendors needed.” Although he clarified that a decrease in oxygen level is not a symptom of Kovid-19, as it may be due to some other medical conditions.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan assured that no change in corona virus has been detected in India, which is indicative of high proliferation efficiency or pathogenic. According to a question from the previous episode, he was asked about the grant related to Kovid-19 to the states under the second phase. Replying to a question related to this, the Union Minister said that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has already released the Kovid Package to 33 States and Union Territories under the second phase. The total amount of the package released in the second package is Rs 1352 crore. Under the second phase, funds have been released in installments during the months of August, September and October, 2020.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan expressed satisfaction over the fact that his ministry is not behind the issue of online education during the epidemic. Medical colleges and medical institutions in India are conducting online classes for MBBS students, which have been approved by the National Medical Commission. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued standard operating procedures for professional training for postgraduate medical students in view of Kovid-19.

On a question related to the lack of enjoyment due to a questioner not having the opportunity to read the newspaper with morning tea, Dr. Harsh Vardhan assured that there was no scientific evidence that could prove that the novella corona from newspapers The virus is spread. He clarified that reading the newspaper is completely safe even during the Kovid-19 epidemic.

In response to a question related to discrepancies in the number of deaths due to Kovid-19 across the country, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare along with all the states and Union Territories have correct explanations of deaths from Kovid-19. The issue of has been raised many times. Apart from this, the process of giving the information of deaths in the right way has also been shared, so that the information related to Kovid-19 deaths across the country will be kept uniform.

The Union Minister assured that there is no shortage of medical oxygen in the country, India is currently producing around 6400 metric tons per day, the government is ready to increase production capacity in view of its increasing demand due to the epidemic. Empowered groups constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs are also monitoring the need for medical oxygen throughout the country. The Ministry of Health is also monitoring the availability and supply of medical oxygen at the regional level through regular video conferences with the respective nodal officers and Principal Secretaries or Mission Directors of Oxygen of the States; 1,02,400 medical oxygen cylinders have been given to states and union territories. The National Pharmaceutical Price Authority has fixed the price of liquid medical oxygen; Guidelines have also been issued for the rational use of oxygen for the management of Kovid-19.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan pointed out that although no Kovid-19 vaccine is currently in the phase of testing for intranasal (nasal injection), Serum India and Bharat Biotech have been able to diagnose such vaccines in the country after regulatory approval in the coming months. Hope to test. He clarified that the third stage diagnostic test is usually done on thousands of people, in some cases this test is done on 30 to 40 thousand people. It is possible that several hundred people are selected for testing from a single city or hospital, but in general the number of people remains very high in the third phase.

Health Minister said on Corona’s Ayurvedic treatment – ‘Scientific study has started’

Sharing details of adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting and the special campaign for monitoring of drugs used in Kovid-19, Dr. Harsh Vardhan clarified that this special campaign did not run due to the news of adverse reaction about the existing drug Going, it is a part of Kovid-19’s proactive preparation program.

Union Minister of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Dr. Harsh Vardhan informed that the integrated flood warning systems developed for Mumbai and Chennai are forecasting systems of some cities for the need of coastal cities, this system will also be implemented for Kolkata. In states like Assam and Bihar, the rivers are flooded, so the Central Water Commission issues flood warnings for these cities based on the forecast of rainfall released by the Indian Meteorological Department.

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