Elevated metro line collapse in Mexico, 23 people dead, dozens injured


23 killed as metro bridge collapses in Mexico City


A tragic accident occurred in Mexico on Monday. At least 23 people have been killed and dozens injured in Mexico City when an elevated metro line collapses. This accident happened when the metro was passing on the elevated line. The train came down due to the fall of the metro bridge. The officers provided this information. In the security camera footage broadcast by the local media, the train’s bogie is seen falling on the ground below the bridge. Parts of the train were damaged in the accident.

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Shinbaum told reporters, “Unfortunately, 23 people have died in this accident so far.” The city’s Civil Protection Department said on Twitter that about 70 people were injured in the accident.

Dozens of employees are seen evacuating people buried under the debris. However, rescue operations were later halted as there was a fear that the debris was quite unstable. Shinbown said, “Rescue work has been stopped for the moment because the train is too weak. Cranes are coming in to start work.”

This incident has come at a time when Mexico is struggling with the outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic. More than 2,17,000 people have died in the country due to Corona epidemic.


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