Elephants Trumpet Is Heavier Than The Lions Roar, Watch Viral Video

This elephant’s trumpet is heavier than the lion’s roar, which you must have never heard before – Watch Video

New Delhi:

It is said that the forest trembles due to the roar of a lion or a tiger, but have you ever heard the chirping of an elephant. Believe me, the soul can tremble even after hearing the trumpet of an elephant. This video of a herd of elephants going viral on social media will make you believe in us. IAS officer Sudha Raman has shared this video of elephants on Twitter. In this video, many elephants are seen standing together in the forest and the echo of their chirping is heard throughout the forest.

IFS Sudha Raman has posted this very rare and interesting video of elephants from her official Twitter account. In this video you can see the view of the forest. In the video, 5 to 6 elephants are seen standing around together, and the sound of their chirping is heard. The enthusiasm of elephants is clearly visible in the 29-second video. Apart from elephants, 2 people are also seen in this video who are capturing this video. Seeing wild elephants together in one picture is nothing less than a wonder.

Posting this video, IFS Sudha Raman wrote in the caption, ‘This video is special for those who love elephants, listen to this elephant chirping by increasing the volume of your mobile’. Giving information about elephants, he wrote that, elephants cry only when they are either very excited or scared. It is clear that the elephant’s trumpet should not be taken lightly.

This video of wild elephants is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are sharing as well as liking this video on Twitter. People are giving different types of reactions on interesting videos of elephants. Many users are calling it wonderful, while one user has described the voice of elephants as a beautiful voice. Commenting on the same Twitter user wrote in a funny way, it looks as if the car is stuck.

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