Elephant baby fell asleep standing, suddenly something like that happened, Watch Funny Video – Elephant’s baby fell asleep standing, suddenly something happened, people said – Did not sleep at night?


Elephant slept standing, suddenly dropped, something like this happened

Funny videos of animals are often viral on social media, which we all enjoy very much. There are some videos that win our hearts and we like to watch such videos again and again. One such video is becoming viral on social media, which you will enjoy a lot and you will see it again and again.

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This video is about an elephant and its child, in the video you will see that the elephant’s baby is standing near his mother and he has fallen asleep standing there, but suddenly he falls asleep on the ground in his sleep. The video is very fun to watch. This video has been shared by IFS officer Susant Nanda. Along with the video, he wrote in the caption, ‘Standing asleep, I remembered my military school.’

People are liking this video a lot and are also doing a lot of fun comments on it. The video has been viewed more than 51 thousand times so far.


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