Electrician was made pitch curator after taking a 15-day course. Kanpur | Electrician was made pitch curator after taking a 15-day course | NewsBust Electrician was made pitch curator after taking a 15-day course. Kanpur | Electrician was made pitch curator after taking a 15-day course | NewsBust


Electrician was made pitch curator after taking a 15-day course. Kanpur | Electrician was made pitch curator after taking a 15-day course

By Puneet Chaudhary - November 25, 2021

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Pitch Curator Shivkumar Yadav

The role of the pitch is most important in a cricket match. The game of cricket is also better on a better pitch and players also appreciate it fiercely. But the pitch of Kanpur’s Green Park Stadium has always been in controversy. It is considered one of the five Test centers in India, but the wicket here has not played a full five days in Test matches for the past several years. Due to this, the center matches have also been cut. The main reason is the pitch curators here. Who was given the responsibility of making the pitch of this historic Test Center only after doing a 15-day course. The BCCI also had to bear the brunt of which.

This time the BCCI has entrusted its senior pitch curator to improve the pitch of Green Park, but that too is proving to be insufficient, as the work of grooming the pitch is not a day or two. The coaches of both the teams have already expressed their displeasure on the practice pitches. Now it remains to be seen how the wicket behaves in the Green Park Test. In this connection, NewsBust India had a special conversation with pitch curator Shivkumar Yadav. In which he shared the memories of his journey from being an electrician of the Sports Department to becoming the curator of the pitch of Central Zone.

Came from Prayagraj in 2000 to fix the lights in Green Park…
Shiv Kumar told that he had joined the job in the sports department as an electrician. But as of today I am the pitch curator of Central Zone. Actually I was called from Prayagraj in October 2000 to do lighting arrangement at Green Park Stadium in Kanpur. During this, I had a talk with Anand Shukla, a member of BCCI’s pitch committee and the patron of Green Park, regarding the pitch. He had entrusted me with the responsibility of handling the grounds of Green Park.

Always wanted to be a cricketer…
Shivkumar said, when he came to Kanpur in the year 2000, he did not know anything special about the ground, then gradually the information started becoming mine from the pitches that were prepared here. Only then go with experienced people to see how the pitch should be. After a few days it was understood that the pitch of Green Park is a bit dry.

It felt so bad…
Shivakumar told that when he came to Kanpur, at that time the South African team had come here to play Test matches. During that time, BCCI’s Pitch and Grounds Committee chairman Kasturi Ranjan, commenting on the Kanpur Stadium, said that the name of Green Park should be changed to Brown Park, because at that time there was not much greenery here, I felt very bad about it. I had also told this to my godfather.

Godfather Anand Shukla also felt bad about this.
Shivkumar told that, when I told this to my godfather Anand Shukla, he said that you are an electrician, how much do you know about the pitch, talk according to the information you have. Then I showed him my sports certificates. He only said, stay connected with the head curator Chhotelal, I will do the rest.

Chhotelal taught me to prepare pitch for domestic and international…
No one answers on the board’s side on domestic and international pitches. Describing this, Shiv said, “When I started working in Green Park, I used to stand with Chhotelal, who made Green Park’s wicket, and inquire about how the pitch is made. He used to take all the information from him about what the pitch should be for domestic and international matches and what changes should be made. He also helped me a lot.

Grass came from New Zealand to defeat New Zealand.

Shivakumar told that in 2002 when the ground was prepared anew. It took about 5 months. During this, weeds were removed from the field and planted with grass from New Zealand. The entire stadium had to be changed three times due to the position and size of the grass.

Why Green Pitch was in controversy
The Green Park wicket has been considered better for Test matches. But, if we look at the Test matches held after 2008, their results came before five days. For this the opposing team blamed the pitch somewhere. Shiv Kumar shrugged off whether the same situation would be repeated in the upcoming Test match as well, saying that cricket is a game of uncertainties. The blame for not running a Test match for a full five days cannot be blamed on the pitch alone. The performance of the players of the opposing team also matters a lot in this.

But how can we speak like this after doing 15 days course.
Shiv Kumar started pitch making in Green Park from 2004. After this, the Indian team dusted many opponents here. But, the result of these matches came only on the third or fourth day. After this, questions arose fiercely about the pitch in the opposing team and the media. When questions arose on the pitch, everyone was surprised to know about the curator. Actually during this time it was not pitch curator Shiv Kumar but electrician Shiv Kumar used to prepare wickets for international matches. After this matter came to light, he was quickly declared a pitch curator by the UPCA after taking a 15-day course.

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