Eight COVID-19 survivors die. Black fungus in Maharashtra. Mucormycosis, fungal infection | 8 corona patients died of black fungus, one had to draw one eye to save; Ongoing treatment of more than 200

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  • Eight COVID 19 Survivors Die. Black Fungus In Maharashtra. Mucormycosis, Fungal Infection

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Mumbai2 minutes ago

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In Maharashtra, 8 people undergoing treatment for corona infection died due to fungal infection (mucoramycosis). It is also known as Black Fungus. A senior official said that more than 200 such patients are under treatment.

Tatyarao Lahane, president of the Directorate of Medical Education and Research, told PTI that such cases are now increasing. About 200 such patients from many areas of Maharashtra are undergoing treatment. Only 8 of them have died. Dr. Lahane told that all the patients who died were infected with Corona virus. Fungal infections weakened their immune system.

Which people are more at risk of black fungus

  • Those whose immunity is weak.
  • Those who are suffering from chronic diabetes disease.
  • Those who have had a kidney transplant.

Fast growing cases like this
Doctor Lahane has said that this fungal infection is chronic, but its cases are increasing rapidly in corona patients. The sugar level of the patient increases due to the steroids used in the treatment of corona patients. Apart from this, some medicines also suppress the immunity of the patient. In such circumstances, the patient easily gets this fungal infection. It reaches the brain of the infected person. In such a situation the patient dies. In some cases, one eye has to be removed forever to save the patient’s life.

More effective on patients with oxygen support
Earlier, NITI Aayog member VK Paul said on Friday that mucomycosis is a type of fungus found on a wet surface. He said that corona patients are put on oxygen support. It contains moisture content. This also increases the risk of increasing infection.

More than 54 thousand infected in Maharashtra
In Maharashtra, 54,022 people were found infected on Friday. 37,386 people recovered and 898 died. So far, 49.96 lakh people have been affected by the infection in the state. Of these, 42.65 lakh people have been cured, while 74,413 people have died. 6.54 lakh patients are currently being treated.

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