Dussehra 2020 Ravan Dahan Guidelines in Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan | Ravana’s height reduced by 90% in MP, 70 old tradition will break in Jaipur


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This time Ravana’s height will be 21 feet in Indore. The organizers say that this time the event is being organized only so that the tradition is not broken.

  • Ravana combustion completely banned in Rajasthan, Section 144 applied in many places
  • Organizing committee in Bhilai wrote – The program will not happen, forgive us

Corona has made a big impact on the Dussehra festival. Small effigies of Ravana will be burnt in Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh. Dussehra will not have public programs in Rajasthan, Chandigarh. In some places, fair committees have sought permission for virtual telecast. Dainik NewsBust India took stock in 11 cities to see what a difference the festival of Dussehra has made due to Corona.

Bhopal: Ravana’s height is half; Neither big processions will come out, nor will ‘honorable’ be called
Corona is ‘dwarfed’ by the height of Ravana in Bhopal. In the 129-year-old Ravana Dahan festival of Chola Temple here, Ravana is being built just 35 feet high this time. Earlier it used to be 60 feet high. The crowd will not be able to gather more than 5 thousand which used to cross one lakh every year. No big procession will come out in the city, nor is anyone being sent near. The Dussehra program to be held in BHEL has been canceled.

The highest in Kolar was 105 feet of Ravana, which this time is just 12 feet. In most places there will be only symbolic combustion. In which only the organizer will be present. Effigies are burnt in a total of 80 places in Bhopal. Om Pratap Sahu, who created the largest effigy of Ravana in the city, told in conversation with Dainik NewsBust India that this time the highest order in Bhopal has been found of Ravana of 35 feet. There are only 10 orders, compared to the last time there were more than 40 bookings.

Indore: Ravana of 100 feet remains 21 feet this time, there will be no fireworks.
Ravana combustion takes place mainly in Dussehra Maidan, GPO, Tilak Nagar, Chimanbag Maidan, Vijay Nagar, Ushaganj High School Ground, Fort Maidan, Kalani Nagar in Indore. However, due to Corona, the events of this time will be dull. In 10 major places where Ravana was burning more than 100 feet, this time Ravana’s height will be 21 feet. The organizers say that this time only the tradition remains, so the event is being held.

This time in Chimanbagh, only 21 feet of Ravan will be installed. Shashikant Raut, who made effigies of Ravana, said that Ravan of 3 feet to 21 feet has been made here. Earlier we used to make Ravana up to 51 feet. This time half the orders are there. DIG Harinarayanachari Mishra said that instructions are not to be too crowded. There will be no procession or rally. Entry without a mask will not be available at the venue.

Jabalpur: Symbolic Ravan Dahan will be telecast on social media
The symbolic Ravana combustion will take place only at Phuhara in Jabalpur. It will also be telecast live on social media. The ceremony is organized by Shri Govindganj Ramlila Committee. This 156 year old committee used to take out Ramlila and procession every year. But, this time the procession will not be taken out. Committee chairman Anil Tiwari and General Secretary Manish Pathak said that earlier 15-15 feet effigies of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakaran were made. This time only the effigy of Ravana will burn and there will be fireworks for 2 hours. Mask will be required for entry. Dussehra is celebrated at 9 places prominently in Jabalpur. However, the rest of the fair committees had decided not to organize Dussehra in a meeting with the administration.

Jaipur: Not the first time Dussehra fair, virtual program preparation in Mansarovar
Due to Corona, Ravana combustion ceremony will not be held in Jaipur for the first time in 70 years. At the Vidyadhar Nagar Stadium, Ravana, the largest of 121 feet, will not be seen this time. The government has imposed section 144, due to which the crowd cannot gather. It is not possible to organize a fair in this situation. Due to this, 20 major organizing committees have decided not to perform Ravan Dahan ceremony.

The organizers at Mansarovar have sought permission to show Ravana Dahan’s program virtual. An appeal has also been made to the Chief Minister’s Office for this. The first Ravan Dahan in Jaipur started at Ramlila Maidan on MI Road. The festival of Ramlila and Ravana Dahan has been happening since 1950. Thousands of visitors used to come every year, but this tradition of 70 years old Ravana Dahan will break this year.

Jodhpur: Where Ravana took rounds, this time there is no combustion.
In Jodhpur too, this time Ravan Dahan will not have a public program. There are families in Jodhpur who consider themselves descendants of Ravana. It is said that Ravana was married to Mandodari in Jodhpur. At that time, they came to the procession, these people settled here. These people have built the temple of Ravana and worship Ravana regularly. The main priest of the temple, Manish Godha, says that even though Ravana Dahan is not there, we have been mourning on this day and this time it will be so. In the evening, after changing our janeu, we will offer obeisance by duly worshiping Ravana. The temple of Ravana and Mandodari is situated in the foothills of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. The Brahmins of Godha Gautra have built this temple. Different huge statues of Ravana and Mandodari are installed in this temple.

45 lakhs of corporation in Ajmer. Will save, help Kovid fight by saving in Bikaner
Ravana Dahan was burning for six decades at the Dr. Karan Singh Stadium in Bikaner. But the tradition of Ravana combustion, which has been here for 65 years, will break this time. A building built on the site of Ravana combustion is being converted into a quarantine center. In Ajmer, Ravana Dahan was performed with Rama’s ride. But due to section 144, the program will not be held here either. The Municipal Corporation has been organizing this program for 25 years. Last year itself, Ravana’s 65 feet high and 55-55 feet tall effigies of Kumbhakaran and Meghnad were burnt. Municipal Corporation Deputy Commissioner Gajendrasinh Ralavata said that every year about 45 to 50 lakhs are spent by the Municipal Corporation on the events of Ravan Dahan, Ramlila, fireworks and garba etc.

Chandigarh: Dussehra committees angry with administration, Ravan Dahan will not
There is resentment between the administration and organizing committees over the burning of Ravana in Chandigarh. Dussehra committees say that the administration delayed taking a decision on the schedule at the time of Corona. Due to this, the program of Ravana combustion will not happen in the city this time. The committees say that even if permission is given now, even in such a short time, they cannot prepare for the burning of Ravana. Hence the committees refused to organize themselves. In Chandigarh, 200 feet high Ravan is made at places like Barara, Ambada etc. for which preparation was done 6 six months ago.

Ranchi: Neither Kolkata’s artists will fireworks, nor effigies of Muslim family
For the first time in 72 years, Ravana will not be burning in Ranchi this year. This tradition was started by the Punjabi families of the Refugee Camp who came from Pakistan for the first time in 1948. This time, considering the government’s guidelines regarding Corona, the Punjabi-Hindu fraternity has decided not to burn Ravana. Arun Chawla, spokesperson of the Punjabi-Hindu fraternity, said Ravana was burnt at 10 to 12 places in Ranchi. The largest and grandest of these was Ravana Dahan in the Mohrabadi Maidan in Ranchi. The Chief Minister was the chief guest. Cultural and fireworks teams used to come from Kolkata and Mumbai. A Muslim family from Gaya district of Bihar used to make effigies for the largest Ravana combustion. But this time the tradition seems to be breaking.

Jalandhar: 8 to 15 feet height of the mannequins, only one hour will be able to fire crackers
This time Dussehra will be celebrated in Jalandhar very plainly due to Corona. Will only get pundits worshiped. Here, the craftsman Sanjeevan Lal of the metropolis said that this time only 8 to 15 feet high effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnad have been made. DC Ghanshyam Thori said that the time to fire crackers on Dussehra has been set from 6 to 7 pm.

10-foot effigy to be built in Raipur, program canceled in Bhilai
This time in Raipur, Ravana combustion will take place from 10 to 12 places. Earlier, Chhattisgarh’s largest Ravana W RS colony used to burn 101 feet. This time the administration has allowed only 10 feet of effigies. Fireworks are also banned. However, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel will attend the program to be held at Raavan Bhata in Raipur. Shantinagar Dussehra Committee of Bhilai has canceled the program due to Corona.

Lucknow: Only members of the committee will be present in Ravan Dahan, there will not be any reconciliation in Banaras Nati Tamarind.
According to the government’s guideline due to Corona epidemic, Dussehra fair will not be held this time. This time, only effigy of Ravana Dahan has been prepared in Aishbagh of Lucknow, which is 71 feet. Its combustion will be broadcast on social media. Aditya Dwivedi, organizer of the Ram Leela Committee, says – According to the UP government’s guide line, 200 people can attend public function. Therefore Ravana Dahan will be organized along with the committee members. Due to Kovid, there will also be a historical Bharat Milan program of the famous Ramlila of Banaras, Nati Tamarind.

(Anoop Dubey from Bhopal, Rajiv Tiwari from Indore, Vishnu Sharma from Jaipur, Sunil Chaudhary from Jodhpur, Sunil Jain from Ajmer, Anurag Harsh from Bikaner, Aarti from Chandigarh, Balraj Mor from Jalandhar, Suman from Raipur, Om Pratap from Ranchi and Lucknow Input from Ravi Srivastava)


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