Dubais worlds most expensive biryani garnished with 23 carat gold royal gold biryani price will be shocked


Dubai’s world’s most expensive biryani, 23 carat gold decoration, price will surprise

Biryani is very much liked by everyone. Then, whatever it is, people eat it with great passion. Biryani is also in trend on social media these days. Even during the lockdown, Biryani was the only food item that people ordered the most. Stories related to Biryani are often viral on social media. But, you will be surprised to know about the biryani that is going viral on social media these days. Its price and decoration is quite unique, which you have never heard of before.

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Yes, the biryani we are talking about is the world’s most expensive biryani. The cost of which (Biryani Cost) will make you think. Actually, there is no shortage of fond people in the world. Taking care of them, a well-known restaurant in Dubai has launched Gold Royal Biryani. According to the report, Bombay Borough Restaurant located in DIFC has surprised everyone by including the world’s most expensive Biryani in its menu. The price of a plate biryani is 20000 rupees (Biryani Rate).

The special thing about this biryani is that it is garnished with 23 carat gold. This biryani (Biryani) is named ‘Royal Gold Biryani’. This very special and expensive Royal Gold Biryani has also included Kashmiri Mutton Kebab, Old Delhi Mutton Chops, Rajput Chicken Ke Kababs, Mughlai Kofta and Malai Chicken. Raita, curry and sauce (Sauce) are also served with this biryani. The restaurant said that if someone places an order for this biryani, it will be served within 45 minutes.


If you are thinking that this gold-laden biryani of 20,000 rupees (Gold Biryani) you will have to eat alone then it is not like that at all. Actually, the restaurant is also giving you a chance to share this biryani among 6 people. This Royal Biryani, adorned with saffron threads, looks so tremendous to see, so think about its taste, you can try it without eating it. For information, let us tell you that the restaurant has included this special biryani in the menu on the occasion of its first anniversary.


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