Dubai Expo – a groundbreaking display of technology-robots; Robots wooing children, even instructing them to apply masks | Unprecedented demonstration of technology-robots, robots wooing children; Instructing to wear masks

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  • Dubai Expo A Groundbreaking Display Of Technology robots; Robots Wooing Children, Even Instructing Them To Apply Masks

3 hours agoAuthor: Shaneer N Siddiqui for NewsBust India from Dubai

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Here the kids are the center of attraction because of the opti size, shape and color.

More than 4 lakh people have reached Dubai Expo-2020 in 12 days. Here’s a glimpse of the possibilities of the future and the design of tomorrow. NewsBust India’s team wanted to experience this technology at the expo’s site. It begins at the gate, where a robot named Opti stands at the reception. He shows the way as a guide.

Robots become the center of attraction for children
Opti are the center of attraction for kids because of their size, shape and colour. Some children were even seen talking by holding her hand and hugging. As soon as the visitor reaches inside from the ticket line, a 5 feet robot named Security was seen stationed there. It was instructing to wear masks and not to gather crowds.

Introducing kids to extreme technology
School teacher Abdul Hadi, who came to visit the family, says that the children enjoyed the most of many types of robots. It is an experience where we are introducing kids to extreme technology. My kids have bought Opti toys to make meeting Opti a memorable one. Now it is the turn of the pavilion of DP World, the world’s largest logistics company.

It suggests future use of hyper-loops in the logistics sector. On the other hand, robots have been used to understand the communication system of human mind and body in the Russian Pavilion. The design and successful launch of space missions are being demonstrated with the help of robotic hands.
American pavilion will roam without moving
The American Pavilion has conveyer belts like the airport, allowing visitors to stand in one place and roam the entire pavilion. Standing on the belt, the visitors are enjoying pan videography with their mobile cameras. At the same time, information about the space program on a large circular hanging screen on a large scale transports the audience to another world. A rocket of the Space X mission is also wooing the audience.

Robots giving information about water to children along with farming

In a pavilion, children are being trained to do farming with the help of robots. Robotic models are being told about the communication of water, air and energy. Emirates Airlines’ pavilion shows how robots will issue boarding passes and transport luggage at airports in the future. The pavilion in Finland has a delivery robot and guide robot with carbon dioxide in the air to fuel coffee making, app base guided tours and food ordering arrangements.

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