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Abu Dhabi Events 2019 – Al Hosn Festival

By Dinesh Verma - December 3, 2019

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Incredible occasions in Abu Dhabi at Al Hosn Palace from 12 to 19 December.

Investigate the UAE’s legacy at Abu Dhabi’s landmarks with the opening of the Al Hosn Festival. Here’s a look at what anticipates you:

This new social occasion will occur from December 12 to 19 at the Al Hosn site in downtown Abu Dhabi.

The Al Hosn Festival reflects Abu Dhabi’s social legacy through a rich program of differing occasions, including live exhibitions, intelligent fine art, conventional crafted works, retail locations and plan expressions.

The occasions are spread over all Al Hosn territory areas, including Al Hosn Palace, Artisans House, Cultural Complex and open air spaces.

These occasions are separated by area:

Qasr Al-Hosn

Al Qasr Al Hosn is home to the “Living Museum” show, which gives a point by point authentic introduction of different parts of everyday life in Al Qasr Al Hosn, concentrating on exercises that may have happened inside the Palace over the previous hundreds of years.

In its outside spaces, the castle will likewise have a “live legacy” occasion that will include live exhibitions including customary specialties and aptitudes.

These projects are joined by conventional guided visits and exhibitions, just as the exemplary “Rouhoul” vehicle appear, which investigates changes in transportation from the beginning of time.

Skilled Workers House

The Artisans House has an assortment of workshops concentrating on customary weaving abilities and specialties.

It likewise sorts out rivalries featuring UAE culinary expressions and masterful greatness, including a painstaking work rivalry and inventive items, just as the UAE Culinary Challenge.

The Artisans House is home to the Handicraft Arts Station, which features the hugest developments in footwear plan. In an imaginative manner.

The Coffee House offers a vivid social encounter of the conventional acts of planning and showing Arabic espresso, which is a piece of the social custom that has been passed on by ages for quite a long time and mirrors the traditions of cordiality and neighborliness of the UAE.

Social Complex

During the Al Hosn Festival, the Cultural Complex will have a progression of live exhibitions and innovative activities, including craftsmanship presentations praising crafted by Najat Makki.

The celebration likewise incorporates numerous shows by various worldwide groups, for example, Jadal on December 12th and Chi Malombo on December 13-14.

On December thirteenth and fourteenth, the Sesame Street show will be screened for youngsters.

There are likewise unrecorded music exhibitions to sing and play melodic instruments of different styles.

Akil Cinema offers open air films with a choice of short movies and well known creations.

Al Hosn Festival additionally sorts out a scope of inventive workshops for youngsters, including manikin making, cover making and shoe adjustment workshops.

  • Title: Palace of the fortress, the Abu Dhabi
  • Date: December 12th to 19th, 2019
  • Ticket: AED 30 for grown-ups Day (AED 100 for all days of the celebration), AED 15 for kids somewhere in the range of 5 and 12 years for the afternoon (50 dirhams for all celebration days).

For more data, visit: richyevents.com

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