Driver accused of crushing ACP with tempo in Delhi was finally caught

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The police has arrested the accused driver.

new Delhi:

Delhi Hit and Run Case: Delhi Police has arrested 28-year-old tempo driver Amit Pulami. While executing the hit and run incident on July 25, ACP Sanket Kaushik, who was posted in the traffic police, hit the tempo while on duty, killing him.

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According to police, the accident took place near Rajaukari flyover at around 8 pm when ACP Sanket was walking on the service lane during Kaushik duty. During this time, a tempo came from Rangpuri and hit the ACP. The tempo ran so fast that the driver of the ACP could not even note its number.

After this, when the police investigated dozens of CCTV cameras on nearby and toll points and investigated more than 150 tempo, the clue of that tempo was found. In one place CCTV footage also showed the tempo going. Police then recovered the tempo from a warehouse in Rangpuri and arrested the driver Amit Pulami.

Amit hails from Nepal. He told that he was going to airport cargo from Rangpuri on the night of the accident. Meanwhile, ACP got hit by his tempo. He went to the airport after the accident, then loaded the goods the next day and came to Rangpuri and set the tempo in the warehouse. The front part of the tempo was broken, it was also fixed.

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