Dr. Guleria gave instructions- Corona is not over yet, do not travel without reason, continue habits like hygiene, social distancing, isolation | AIIMS director said – new strain of Corona has arrived in Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, so do not travel unnecessarily

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  • Dr. Guleria Gave Instructions Corona Is Not Over Yet, Do Not Travel Without Reason, Continue Habits Like Hygiene, Social Distancing, Isolation

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JaipurA minute ago

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People should not be inattentive due to the decrease in corona cases. This instruction has been given by Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, Delhi AIIMS. In the ‘India’s Fight Against the Covid’ session at the Jaipur Literature Festival, he said that don’t forget to travel unnecessarily, as the new strain has arrived in Maharashtra, Kerala and Punjab. This festival is going on virtually.

Antibodies are not very powerful
Dr. Guleria said, ‘Corona is not over. Precaution if you can save some after vaccine. Masks are there, but habits like hygiene, social distancing, isolation have to be continued. In Brazil, 70% of people were protected from corona, but are experiencing the disease again. Actually, the antibody that is made is not very powerful. ‘

People are not aware about the vaccine
Scientist and researcher Gagandeep Kang also attended the festival. He said he was always hesitant about the vaccine. People were also afraid of polio. At the moment people do not know the importance of the vaccine. The reason for this is the lack of information or no information.

40% could not decide whether to get vaccinated or not
Vaccineology Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya said that the survey was conducted in Delhi from December 26 to January 4. It was revealed that 40% of the people are yet to decide whether they will get the vaccine or not. He said that trust in the vaccine will be done only if we take it as seriously as we took mask and cleaning.

Corona speeds up again in Maharashtra
The pace of corona infection in Maharashtra is accelerating again. In the first and second week of February, more than 2,000 patients were identified here daily, but now this figure has crossed 6,000. Here in many cities, the state government has again started resolutely. It has been decided to impose a one-week lockdown in Amravati. It will be effective from 8 pm on Monday night.

Central government again ordered to increase testing
Every day testing across the country has registered a drop of 5 lakh in the last one month. Till December, where around 11 lakh people were screened every day, now an average of 6 lakh people are being tested. Reducing the number of tests is also a major reason for the increase in corona cases in the states. Now again, the Union Health Ministry has written a letter to all these 9 states and Union Territory Governments and ordered to increase the testing.


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