DPS prevented children from giving online exams for non-payment of fees, parents protest outside school


New Delhi:

Parents of students of DPS Mathura Road protested outside the school on Friday. The annual examination of the students has started in the school and the students have been blocked from the online examination due to non-payment of fees according to the demand of the school.

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Whereas in view of the financial troubles of the parents on 18 April 2020, the Delhi government had ordered not to increase the fees by eliminating all the annual fees while giving relief in school fees during lockdown. If the approval of the Delhi Government has not been taken with any school after 2015-16, then it was ordered to take tuition fees of 2015-16 as well. However all the DPS schools in Delhi had increased the fees. While the lockdown of schools is still in progress.

The DPS Society challenged the Delhi government’s order in the Delhi High Court on August 20, in which the guardian also became a party. Now all private schools in Delhi are also parties in this case. After continuous hearing from August 20, the court has reserved the Judgment in January. While schools are under constant pressure.

Parents are giving fees in their own way due to poor financial condition, while the school is pressurizing the students to withdraw from the exam to take all the fees along with all the charges. All parents are awaiting the decision of the court. The parents have to ask the principal that everyone should be tested. The remaining fees will be paid as soon as the decision is made. The same parents have also requested the High Court to pronounce the verdict soon.


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