Don't run away from the problem but fight it, simplicity saves from waste. Don't run away from the problem but fight it, Simplicity saves from waste | NewsBust Don't run away from the problem but fight it, simplicity saves from waste. Don't run away from the problem but fight it, Simplicity saves from waste | NewsBust


Don’t run away from the problem but fight it, simplicity saves from waste. Don’t run away from the problem but fight it, Simplicity saves from waste

By Dinesh Verma - November 20, 2022

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Deh siwa baru mohi ihai subh karman te kabahu na taroon. Don’t be afraid, when you go, you will definitely win.

Aru Sikh ho aapne hi man kau eh lach hu gun tau uchroon. When the diagnosis of Aawa becomes excessive, then fight and die.

Shabad in Chandi Charitar of Dasam Granth composed by Guru Gobind Singh

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Fighting and Winning Spirit of Sikhs

Here Guru Govind Singh ji wants to say that O Shiva (Supreme Father Supreme Soul)! Give me this boon that I should never back down from doing good deeds. When I go to fight, do not be afraid of the enemy and make sure of my victory in the war. And may I teach my mind to be greedy for the fact that I keep praising your qualities. When the last time comes, then I will die fighting in the battlefield.

this kind of life ‘Fighting and Winning Spirit’ Sikhism was founded by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji – who was the first of the ten Gurus.

Are you stuck – there is a solution

Are you troubled by the negativity in life? Do thoughts of failure haunt you again and again? Are you jealous of the success of others? Do you have any ‘hard feeling’ or hatred for anyone? Are you dishonest even in small things?

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji says that there are five evils which block a person’s way to reach the ultimate goal Ego, anger, greed, attachment and lust.

They claim that a person suffering from these evils will never be able to be happy in his life.

Let us see how the teachings of Sikhism can help you achieve success by calming your mind.

6 Lessons of Sikhism

1) Honesty: I believe this is the biggest lesson of Sikhism, and its proof can be seen only by seeing the trust people have on Sikhs in our society.

One’s honesty is the most essential condition of success, nothing earned through corruption lasts long, and one has to pay the price sometime in life.

The greatest joy or happiness can be found only when we live with complete honesty and truth.

2) Satisfaction: Sikhs believe that because everything is God’s will, they should be satisfied with the life given to them by Waheguru.

He believes that he should focus on Waheguru and not the desire for material wealth.

They believe that contentment leads to happiness. Life for Sikhs is more than just thinking about oneself and one’s profit.

True, you can achieve immense happiness in life by developing just this one quality, because then you do not have to ‘act under compulsion’, and you can do what you really want, You can live where you want to live.

Contentment here does not mean ‘not working hard’ but working hard for more meaningful things.

3) Integration: All daily prayers in Sikhism end with these lines – ‘Nanak Naam Chaddi Kala, Tere Bhaane Sarbat Da Bhala’, Which means prosperity for all.

Sikhism gives priority to unity over individualism. It is a little different from the modern management principles that came from the west but it is correct.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave the message of universal brotherhood. Written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji Universal brotherhood is a strong theme in Gurbani., It is important for entrepreneurs to keep in mind the prosperity of all. They should also think about the social impact of their decisions.

4) Militancy: Sikhism teaches us not to run away from our problems but to face them. To stand firm in the face of challenges in life. For most entrepreneurs, this is a useful application idea, especially for those starting a ‘start-up’.

5) Simplicity: Simplicity is everything in life. Those who get quick success, they should also remember this thing. It is okay to unnecessarily walk away from limelight and red carpet.

One of the most important things is to stay grounded. We have seen many people and businesses where despite initial success they failed.

Simplicity avoids waste, teaches economy, avoids greed, fear, peer pressure and a false sense of identity. Simplicity breeds generosity and sharing.

6) Find your purpose in life: According to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, there is a reason for everyone to be born in this world. Having a purpose in life is one of the fundamental factors of happiness.

Without it, your life will be less focused, less efficient and you will often be restless and stressed because you don’t feel aligned with the things you do. Sikhism also teaches us that each person must find their own purpose in life.

Apart from this, compassion, not succumbing to tyranny, importance of music/kirtan in life, respecting women and staying away from caste divisions are some other teachings that can be taken from Sikhism for success and peace in life.

So today’s Sunday Motivational Career Fund is that keeping in mind all religions, no matter which religion we follow, adopting the good things of another religion will do good in life.

Will do and show!

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