Don’t like milk? Count on these foods for bone health

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Published: January 23, 2020 1:25:58 pm

Vitamin D which is found in eggs, salmon, sardines, swordfish and some fish oils is one of the best products that help in strengthening joints and bones. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Milk — some consider it to be the only good source of protein for bones and consume it everyday. But there are many others who tend to stay away from milk owing to a variety of reasons which can range from habits, mood, and even taste, among others. For the unversed, strengthened bones help prevent severe conditions like rickets and osteoporosis, and even reduce the risk of a fracture.

But if you are one of those who does not like milk and other dairy products, nutritionist and dietician Shilpa Arora suggests three easily available alternatives that are good for strengthening bones.

In an Instagram post, Arora said, “Three better foods to strengthen your bones.”

Sesame seeds


Sardines with bones

If you are wondering about their health benefits, here’s what you need to know.

Sesame seeds

spinach, don't like milk other bone health sources,, shilpa arora, nutritionist shilpa arora, spinach, sesame seeds benefits, sardines with bone for bone health, Sesame is rich in minerals. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

It is said that consuming moderate amounts of sesame seeds every day can prevent the body from developing deficiencies that impact bone health. They are a dietary recommendation for people who are already suffering from bone diseases as they are known as the perfect antidote to weak bones.

One can include these nutrient-rich seeds in their cereals or rice. Soaking these seeds overnight helps in the absorption of calcium and minerals from the seeds, as well as reduces the effects of oxalic acid found in them that can prevent the absorption of nutrients. White sesame seeds have healthy fats like polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-6 and contain fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus that helps boost bone health, black sesame seeds are rich in essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus and zinc. However, people who have a weak stomach or a history of kidney stone, should not consume too much of it.

Sardines with bones

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Whole sardines, seared in a ripping hot cast-iron pan, served with olive oil, sea salt, a few generous squeezes of lemon, and parsley to get some greens in. __________________ Get a few fresh whole sardines cleaned from your fishmonger. In a well-seasoned cast-iron pan, heat some neutral oil on med-high heat until slightly smoking. Pat sardines completely dry and carefully add to the pan. Sear undisturbed for about 2-3 minutes a side until nice and golden. Some splattering may happen. Cook in batches to avoid crowding in the pan. Divide between plates, serve with a generous amount of lemon, crunchy sea salt and olive oil. Enjoy and be careful of the tiny bones (most of them should still be intact with the spine, but still…be careful!) #f52weeknight

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Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B-12 which helps the cardiovascular system. In addition, they contain a healthy amount of vitamin D which is necessary for good bone health.


spinach, don't like milk other bone health sources,, shilpa arora, nutritionist shilpa arora, spinach, sesame seeds benefits, sardines with bone for bone health, Spinach is a rich source of beta carotene. (Source: File Photo)

Low intake of vitamin K has been associated with a higher risk of bone fracture, therefore adequate consumption of spinach is recommended. Adequate vitamin K consumption is important for good health as it improves calcium absorption. Though spinach can’t be counted as a source of calcium as it also contains substances called oxalates that bind up calcium, spinach is still recommended for overall bone health.

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