Donald Trump Says Time for Peace and Calm in US Capitol Hills Violence – US: Donald Trump’s refusal to take responsibility for violence, says – time to maintain peace


Voting on the impeachment motion against Trump will be held on Wednesday. (File photo)

Special things

  • Impeachment motion against Donald Trump
  • Voting will be done on Wednesday on the proposal
  • Violence took place in the Capitol Building on 6 January


US President Donald Trump has appealed to the countrymen to maintain peace. Trump said this last week while refusing to take responsibility for the violent mob intrusion in the US Parliament House Capitol Hills Violence. On his visit at the Alamo in Texas, he said, “Now is the time to heal our nation and this is the time to live in peace and quiet.”

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On the other hand, on the impeachment motion against Donald Trump, voting will take place today (Wednesday) in the US House of Representatives, controlled by Democratic leaders. In this impeachment motion, the outgoing president has been accused of abetting sedition on January 6 through his steps.

“I can’t live”: Trump’s former chief of staff resigns after US capitol attack

It said that Donald Trump instigated his supporters for the siege of the Capitol Hills building when the counting of electoral college votes was going on and the process was disrupted due to the attacks by people. In this incident, five people including a police officer were killed.

A few hours before the attack on the US Parliament, the video surfaced, trump supporters were seen celebrating


Trump said on Tuesday that the real problem was not his rhetoric, but rather the narration made by Democrats in relation to the demonstrations of Black Lives Matter and the violence in Seattle and Portland this summer. He said that due to the possibility of impeachment against him, there is a lot of anger in the country but he does not want violence. (Also from input language)

VIDEO: News of the news: the fire of political violence in America

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