Donald Trump says, 25th Amendment not a risk to me but it will haunt Joe Biden – Donald Trump says, 25th amendment does not threaten me, new President Biden may pose this threat


On the US capitol incident, Trump said, “We believe in the rule of law, not violence or riots.”

Special things

  • Said, freedom of expression in the country was never in such danger before
  • Impeachment is being used to harass someone
  • US Capitol said on the incident, we believe in the rule of law


The outgoing US president after being banned by various social media forums after the attack on Capitol Hill Donald Trump Has said that freedom of expression in the country was never in such danger before. In his first speech after the Trump supporters attack on US Parliament House, US Capitol, on January 6, the outgoing president called for impeachment proceedings, attacks last week and use of the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution ( By which members of his cabinet can remove them).

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“Freedom of expression was never in such danger before,” said Trump. I am not at all threatened by the 25th Amendment, but it may pose a further threat to the newly elected President Joe Biden and his administration. “He said,” In the history of the country, deliberately (Trump) Impeachment is being used to carry forward the most reprehensible act of harassment and this is causing a lot of anger and division. Its pain is so much that some people cannot even understand it, which is very dangerous for America, especially in this fragile time. ”

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Outgoing President Trump said on the US Capitol incident last week, “I have always said during my tenure that we believe in honoring the history and traditions of America, not in breaking it.” We believe in the rule of law, not violence or riots. “It is noteworthy that President Trump has not accepted defeat and he has been making unbridled claims of fraud in the November 3 election. Amidst his claims, Trump supporters in the Capitol Building (US Parliament House) stormed and carried out violence, killing one Capitol Police officer and four others. Only after this, there was a demand for a grand campaign against him. The Trump said that the global epidemic of Kovid-19 made this year and the election very difficult.


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