Donald Trump Insistence; President-elect Joe Biden Still Not Getting Intelligence Briefing | Biden still not receiving intelligence briefing, US security may be in danger


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Washington30 minutes ago

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President Trump has not yet ordered the National Intelligence Director to give an intelligence briefing to Joe Biden. Orders of General Administration may come in a few days. The director will then be forced to give an intelligence briefing to Biden.

The results of the presidential election have been over two weeks. But, Donald Trump is not ready to give up. Joe Biden has received 306 electoral votes. When Trump received the same number of votes in 2016, he called it an overwhelming majority. Now they are not only rejecting the results, but are also jeopardizing American security interests. Not willing to transfer power. Intelligence briefing is not being given to Biden and Kamala Harris. Overall, the atmosphere that Trump is building with his stubbornness is not a good sign for America.

Have broken tradition
CNN has released a report on the matter. According to the report, the transfer of power in the US begins immediately after the election results. Biden has already formed a team. But, forced by Trump’s order, officers are not able to send information to them. The President is the Commander in Chief of the military. He begins to be given in-depth information about extremely sensitive cases about two months before he sits in the Oval Office of the White House. In such a situation, the absence of intelligence briefing till now is like messing with America’s security interests.

Committee on Intelligence Briefing
Intelligence agencies usually provide information to a committee of the Senate. However, the highly confidential and highly sensitive intelligence briefing reaches only the president and a few special people. So far, Trump has not ordered the Director of National Intelligence to inform Biden about intelligence matters. The danger with this is that when Biden becomes president he may not be able to take immediate decisions. David, who took command of the CIA during the era of Bill Clinton and George Bush, says – this is a dangerous situation. The country may have to bear the brunt of this.

Just a good thing
Biden himself has been Vice President for 8 years. So, they seriously understand the nuances of the administration and intelligence briefing. One good thing is that Kamala Harris is a member of the Intelligence Committee of the Senate. Biden said- The good thing for me is that my colleague Kamala Harris has an intelligence briefing. It is likely that General Administration will begin the transition this week and then Biden will be legally forced to conduct an intelligence briefing. An advisor from Biden said – The country and its security are above all kinds of politics. Trump has to understand this.

Trump is not listening to his own MPs
Lindsay Graham, a senior Republican senator and Trump’s aide, said – I clearly believe that Biden should get an intelligence briefing every now and then. Ann Jeffers, director of Mason University of National Security and her advisor during the Bush era, says Trump is doing a lot wrong. However, this should not happen. Except all things, the national security is at the top. Politics is in its place but, for the first time in my career, I am seeing this type of situation, and am very worried. But, the officers also know what is going on and what they have to do, be confident.

Trump learns from 9/11
In 2001 there was a 9/11 attack in America. The committee formed to investigate this also gave information about some of the defects of the administration. According to the committee, the delay in transition in 2000 was also the reason for the attack. Due to the recommendations of this committee, it was later decided that the work related to the transfer of power would be started immediately after the election. However, Trump is not ready to believe it either. FBI clearance will also be necessary for appointments. It has already been delayed.


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