Donald Trump called Merkel stupid and Theresa May weak; Former President Bush, Obama Insulted: Report | Donald Trump calls Merkel stupid and Theresa May weak; Former President Bush, Obama Insulted: Report


  • Watergate scandal journalist Bernstein leaked private phone conversation to Trump's heads of state
  • Discusses his own achievements with foreign heads of state, this threatens national security

Daily newspaper

Jul 01, 2020, 06:38 AM IST

Washington. US President Donald Trump does not prepare for talks with foreign heads of state, besides reading briefings prepared by intelligence agencies. They also listen to such phones of foreign heads, which do not have any information beforehand. By doing this, he sometimes pushed security advisors. This claim has been made by the Watergate scandal journalist Carl Bernstein.

He has prepared a report for CNN by talking to sources and finding out details of hundreds of private phone calls with Trump's foreign leaders. According to this, Trump keeps mentioning his achievements and prosperity on the phone and remains confused because of this many times national security has been endangered.

German Chancellor Merkel was called an idiot: report

Trump continues to insult women leaders, in which he calls German Chancellor Merkel an idiot, and calls her a follower of Russia. At the same time, Theresa May on Breguit was called weak. The French President slammed Macron for not changing his mind on Iran and the climate issue.

In a conversation with Putin and Turkish President Erdogan, he lashed out at former presidents George W. Bush and Obama, making derogatory remarks. Also asked to speak directly with me on all issues. Erdogan took advantage of less information on Trump's Middle-East. Saudi King Salman, North Korea's Kim Jong Un has a lot of admiration for Trump, as he praises Trump for his achievements.

Trump never won talks with Russian President Putin: sources
Sources claim that Trump's style is different when he talks to Putin. Because Putin does not pay attention to the West. In such a situation, Trump feels that if he presents himself as a businessman and tough person in front of Putin, then Putin will be respected. But this did not happen, Putin beat him every time in the conversation.


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