Donald Trump Bashar Al Assad | Donald Trump said wanted to kill Syria President Bashar Al Assad but then Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Opposed it. | US President said- Three years ago, wanted to eliminate Syrian President, Defense Minister stopped

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  • Donald Trump Bashar Al Assad | Donald Trump Said Wanted To Kill Syria President Bashar Al Assad But Then Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Opposed It.

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The photo is of an intersection of Damascus, the capital of Syria. In it, President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian flag are seen. Trump does not use the term president for Assad. Instead, it is called the Syrian leader or the mighty of Syria.

  • Syria has the government of President Bashar al-Assad, it has the support of Russia
  • America has repeatedly warned Russia not to interfere in Syria

US President Donald Trump has made a major disclosure. The revelation is about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. On Tuesday, Trump said – I wanted to eliminate Syrian leader Bashar al Assad three years ago in 2017. A plan was also prepared for this. But, Jim Mattis (then US Defense Minister) stopped me from overthrowing Assad. On Tuesday, after US mediation, Israel signed an agreement to establish diplomatic relations with Bahrain and the UAE. Trump also called it his big success.

Trump said this on Fox TV's Morning Show. They also said that they want such an interview to be held once a week. However, the program's co-host Ducey said on this – We cannot promise to do the program every week. We will also welcome Joe Biden if he is willing to give his 47 minutes for this program.

Contradictions in Trump's statements
What Trump said about Assad on Tuesday does not match what he said. Actually, Trump has said before – I have never followed the Syrian leader (Trump does not call Assad the President). Assad is accused of killing thousands of innocent Syrians. In 2018, New York Times Senior Journalist Bob Woodward's book was published. The name was fear. According to the book- Trump ordered Assad's assassination to Mattis. However, he later retracted. Said- I never thought so. Nor should such things be written in the book.

Mattis resigned in late 2018. Criticized Trump several times. But, on Tuesday, Trump revealed to Assad that Mattis remained silent.

Boring book
Trump was in California on Monday. While returning, read some part of this 480-page book in aircraft. Later said- the right thing is that I read it very early on Monday night. It is very boring. 18 is based on parts of interviews. but it is OK.

What did trump say
Trump said on the show- I wanted to kick Assad out. Complete preparation was done for this. I wanted to finish them. In 2017, the entire operation was planned for it. But, Mattis was not ready for this. Mattis was highly regarded. Later I had removed them as well.

Distances from mattis
This is not the first time Trump's displeasure with Mattis came to the fore. Two years ago, he resented the attitude of this American general. The special thing is that Trump brought Mattis to the Pentagon. However, Trump did not agree with Mattis on Syria and some other issues. However, the American president once called Mattis the great general. However, the two could only work together for about a year. Mattis resigned in late 2018.

American commandos were ready
Syrian leader Assad is accused of carrying out a chemical attack on civilians in April 2017. Some photographs of this were also revealed. These were citizens who were considered anti-Assad. The chemical attack could never be confirmed. But Trump promised at the same time that Assad would have to pay the price. According to reports, in late 2017, Trump ordered the US Army and Commando Squad to eliminate Assad. However, this was not possible due to Mattis. Trump said – Assad is not a good man at all.



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