Dog waits outside Turkish hospital for days for owner, video viral – owner was admitted in hospital, Dogi kept waiting outside the hospital from morning to evening



A video outside a hospital in northern Turkey is going viral, in which a doggie is seen coming to the hospital gate from morning to evening waiting for his boss to recover. This video is a perfect example of the strong bond between that pet dog and its owner. The owner’s treatment was going on inside the hospital for several days, and every morning, Doggie comes and sits at the hospital gate to see him.

CBS News has shared this video on its Twitter handle. Doggy is named Bonkuk, whose owner is Kemal Centark. The dog can be seen sitting outside the hospital gate in the video, waiting for his master to be discharged from the hospital.

CBS News wrote, “Ever since her beloved boss has been admitted to the hospital, this doggie comes to the hospital every day and sits at the gate outside and waits to see his boss.”

Seeing Doggie outside the hospital, Kemal Centark’s family took him home, but he again ran to the hospital gate. According to the news agency DHA, the guard of the hospital said that he sees daily that this dog sits at the hospital gate in the morning. Waits to see his master and then goes back in the evening.


On Wednesday, when Dogi’s owner Kemal Sentark came out of the hospital gate on the wheel chair, Bonkuk saw him and went back home with him. As soon as Kemal came on the wheelchair, Doggie ran and started running after him and expressed his love.

This Snehil incident in Turkey is similar to the 2009 film “Hachi: A Dogs Tale”. The film tells the real-life story of a Japanese dog, ‘Akita’, who waited outside a train station for nine years after the death of his owner.


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