Dog owner were leaving the dog alone in the house dog gave such funny reaction people loved it see viral video


The householders were leaving the dog alone in the house, so the pet did something similar

Funny and cute videos of dogs are often viral on social media. Seeing whom makes our day. People love dogs very much and dogs are also loyal to their owners. On social media, such a video is going viral, by which you will also understand how much dogs love their owner and they also understand everything. This video is very funny and people are enjoying it very much.

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This cute video of a dog going viral on the internet has been shared on Instagram with an account named wanderlust_samoyed. In the video you can see that the family members are ready to go out for a walk. He also belts the dog. But leaving the dog inside, close the door of the house and go outside himself. Seeing this, the dog gives a fun reaction. Looking at him, it looks like he is saying, you did not do it right, why leave me and go away. The dog is barking again and again, then the householders come back and take the dog along.

The dog becomes very happy. Actually, in this video, the family intentionally joked with the dog, they wanted to see what the reaction of the dog is. People are enjoying this video very much on social media. This video has been viewed more than 1 lakh times so far. People are also doing lots of cute comments.


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