Dog Jumping In The Air On The Water Coming Out Of The Fountain See Funny Video


The dog was feeling the heat, so jumped on the water coming out of the fountain

How good do we like to take a bath in the water during the summer. We take bath in the river, pond or swimming pool to escape the heat. Along with taking bath, we also have fun with our friends. This gives us relief and also gives us peace. Today we will show you a video of two cute Puppies having fun with a water fountain. They are so cute that everyone is going crazy about their fun.

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This video has been posted by a Twitter handle named @buitengebieden_. This video has been shared with the caption Happy Happy Dogs. There are two puppies in this video. One is of black color and the other is of brown colour. Both are playing with water around the water fountain. The brown puppy is having a lot of fun with the water fountain. It is seen in the video that he is not allowing the brown one to come near the water fountain.

This video has been viewed by 74.6 thousand people. So far 6707 people have liked this video and about 904 people have retweeted it. Many users have given their reactions on this. These comments are funny too. Some people are also watching this video like a papacy done on another puppy. Because the first puppy is not allowing the second one to come near the fountain. A user named MsAndrea7215 has written that only one puppy is having fun, the other is not getting a chance. At the same time, the Twitter handle named @lisa_lhein110 commented on this video that one puppy is very happy, but the other one is a little shocked. This fountain of water is in a lawn.


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